Biocompatible LED lamps that improve sleep

Biocompatible LED lamps that improve sleep

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Lighting a LED, the best in terms of energy saving and duration, it can also be used to improve sleep quality. This is supported by scientists from Lighting Science, one of the largest producers of LED in the world, whose research has allowed the company to put on the market a lighting system defined a Biocompatible LEDs.

The lamp a Biocompatible LEDs is based on the Definity Digital Awake & Alert bulb, which enhances the body's natural attention and is suitable for daily use in the morning, for seasonal changes and for those who struggle to sleep in the evening. In addition, of course, for those subjected to jet lag stress.

How does it work? Definity Digital bulbs improve sleep because they interact with the body's natural melatonin through a system LED which emits less blue light than other light sources; what allows us to define them biocompatible is that they eliminate the wavelengths of light that research indicates as harmful to our health and that are present in almost every other source of electrical lighting.

Where the idea of ​​the lamp was born Biocompatible LED? In fact, there are precedents, even illustrious ones, of use. The lamp a LED Good Night uses technology originally developed for NASA and the International Space Station to allow astronauts to naturally manage their sleep-wake rhythm without resorting to chemicals to sleep.

Definity Digital will be used in the Six Senses chain of resorts and spas, the first to employ this new lighting technology biocompatible to LED. The Awake & Alert bulbs will be installed in all Six Senses gyms and training rooms, and a global launch is currently underway at the chain's 26 spas and 9 resorts.

First location to see the bulbs Biocompatible LEDs Definity Digital will be the Six Senses Spa of the Pacific City Club in Bangkok. Guests will be invited to experience the new lighting system in the relaxation room of the spa, but not only them. Even the staff of the Six Senses will in fact benefit from the comfort offered by the a Biocompatible LED: the bulbs will in fact also be installed in offices and in areas reserved for employees.

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