How to prepare for a videoconference job interview

Today the interview of work is done in videoconference. With the spread of the Internet and technologies of videoconference, also the interviews of work have transformed and increasingly i interviews they no longer take place in the headquarters of the company that hires or of the employment agency, but in virtual environments that are accessed via the Web and in order to be present you do not need to move from home.

How do you prepare for a interview of work in videoconference? Here is the point: even if you avoid the stress of having to arrive hours in advance to avoid hitches with public transport and the risk of getting lost in an unprecedented area of ​​the city, the interview of work in videoconference it's not like greeting a friend or relative on cam. So it's important to be prepared if you want to impress the recruiter. The interview in videoconference, in fact, it maintains all the characteristics of a face to face meeting with constant eye contact that sometimes says much more than words.

For optimal performance in the interview of work in videoconference It is important first of all to have adequate hardware: you need a good webcam to hang on the screen in order to maintain eye contact without losing sight of the other person, and headphones instead of a speakerphone that could replicate background noises disturbing the conversation or distracting the interlocutor.

To focus attention on who is framed during the videoconference, and to avoid disturbing elements, it is important to choose the background, which should preferably be of soft colors without reflective objects. Absolutely avoid mirrors or glass and never have the light behind you. The best, and not just for the interviews of work, are the systems of videoconference that allow you to create presentations by sharing the screen, with the possibility of showing material, documents and slides just like in a interview face to face.

Video conferencing on the move. If the hardware you have available allows it, and if you feel like an advanced worker, you can also try your hand at interview of work on the move, using your tablet or smartphone, so you can maximize your time. In the United States this form of interview is already a must because it eliminates distances, cuts costs and responds to the emerging needs of companies, which increasingly have a global set-up with people of different nationalities in offices around the world.


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