Kit to electrify the bicycle

Today we will look at some models ofkitfor the conversion of a bicycletraditional inelectric bicycle. THEkitfor theelectric bicycle retrofitthey consist of a motor, a battery and all the accessory tools for their assembly (stand, starting system, connections between electric motor and battery, means for connecting the motor to the wheel, any system for recovering energy during braking, any sensors, indicators and monitors).

1) Ducati Energia, Green Wheel
The Green Wheel kit includes a 350W brushless motor, a braking energy recovery system and a series of sensors that connect to the user's smartphone. The sensors incorporated in the systemGreen Wheel allow the user to monitor and record environmental data such as air pollution, humidity and noise. Ability to record the data collected and share them via social networks; an anti-theft system that uses bluetooth communication with the smartphone and the GPS system for geolocation. Ability to measure calorie consumption in fitness mode using the smartphone ... in short, you pay for a series of functions that can be performed simply from the smartphone by downloading specific applications.

2) BionX
The BionX kit is complete with battery, rear wheel that integrates theelectric motorand a control panel with relative connections. TheKitfeatures a multi-function display to be mounted on the handlebar. Thisbicycle electrification kitit is highly customizable as the user can choose battery capacity and engine power.


3) FlyKly
FlyKly offers itself to the public with the same operating mechanism as the aforementioned Green Wheel. It is a particular wheel (available in 26 "or 29") that houses the electric motor and sensors that interconnect with the cyclist's smartphone.


4) Ego Kit
This bike kit it is much more expensive than those already mentioned. TheEgo kitnot onlyelectrifies the bicyclebut it gives it an additional suspension with a shock absorber system designed to improve the riding experience of any mountain bike. The motor must be mounted level with the pedals and the battery must be placed in a backpack.

Video: Powerfull electric kit installation in cycle (December 2021).