Purifying water with solar energy

Thanks to renewable energies it is possible to bring electricity to the most remote areas of the globe and today, again thanks to clean energy funds it will be possible purify the waterand make it affordable for everyone.

For us Westerners thewater it is a discounted good, available, abundant and within tap reach. When you do not have access to drinking water, the perspective changes completely: thewater it becomes a matter of life or death. There are still millions of people who do not have access todrinking water. Create infrastructure suitable for carryingdrinking waterin remote villages it is an extremely arduous mission.

People living in extreme poverty will be able to count on a new system forpurify the waterexploiting thesolar power. It is asolar chariot, it's called Solar Wagon ViroBac and was developed by One World Water Solution and is a device on wheels, it is self-powered andpurifies the watermaking itdrinking.

The system proposed by One World Water Solution is composed of a mobile unit that integrates aSolar Panel,an energy accumulator and a filtration and purification system. All this is assembled on a base equipped with wheels so that it can be easily transported.

The system is capable ofpurifyup to 4,320 liters of water per day only with solar powerand reach 20,000 liters with the help of an electric generator. The “ViroBac” filtration mechanism is capable ofdrinking watereliminating 99.99 percent of bacteria and 99.7 percent of viruses.

The Solar Wagon (or solar wagon) canpurify waterof any origin, such as wells, cisterns forrain water, rivers and lakes can become sources ofdrinking water. The only drawback of this innovation is the price: thesolar chariotit is not cheap at all, it costs around 12,000 dollars (about 8,800 euros).

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Video: safe drinking water from solar powered water purification systems (December 2021).