Electric car sharing in Milan

To take advantage of the electric car sharing to Milan through EqSharing you have to wait until the end of October 2013, Monday 28 to be precise, when the service will be pending and in all 15 digital islands of the city (see the list at the bottom) and it will be possible to pick up the vehicles through the EqSharing card by returning them also on another island. In the meantime, the most impatient can take a test drive on one of the 9 enabled digital islands (always see the list), if they are of age and have a B license.

What vehicles are these? For the former electric car sharing to Milan the Free DUCK quadricycle produced by Ducati Energia was chosen, of which there is also a hybrid version equipped with a small petrol engine. In the 100% electric version adopted by EqSharing, the Free DUCK has a range of about 50 km (with a normal driving style), two seats and overall CO₂ emissions very close to zero.

How can I get the EqSharing card? To take advantage of the electric car sharing to Milan (from Monday 28 October!) you need the EqSharing card that you get by registering on the EqSharing site and can be collected in four points of the city (these too can be found below). You can register from Monday 21 October, the release of the card is almost immediate (let's say the day after) and the activation cost for individuals is 10 euros for a week or 30 euros for a year. A company can have 3 cards for a year at 80 euros or 10 cards for a year at 250 euros. Residence in Milan is not required. You pay by credit card. No prepaid.

How does the service work and how much does it cost? Once in possession of the card you must book the car sharing for the desired day and time by communicating an estimate of the kilometers to be traveled, a digital collection island and a digital delivery island. Reservations can be made on the website, via the App or by calling the Infoline of the Municipality of Milan (below you will find the number). The system processes the request entered and, if necessary, formulates alternative proposals. Once the reservation has been obtained, the license plate of the assigned car must be noted and you can go to the pitch. The cost is 0.13 cents per minute, with a bond for a minimum of 10 minutes (minimum possible expense: 1.30 euros).

Telephone infoline of the Municipality of Milan: 020202 (key 2 of the voice menu)

Points to collect the EqSharing card (from 21 October): headquarters of the Brigade in piazza Beccaria; headquarters of the Brigade in via Friuli; seat of the Municipality of via Larga; Electrostore in via Foppa 49.

Digital islands enabled for test drives (from 14 October): V Days; Pagano (via del Burchiello); Cusani; XXV Aprile / Pasubio; Cadorna; Loreto / Mercadante; Central station (Piazza Duca D’Aosta); Porta Venezia (Oberdan); via Hoepli.

Digital islands for collection and return of electric quadricycles (from 28 October): Hoepli; G.B. Pirelli; Porta Venezia (Oberdan); Central station (Piazza Duca D’Aosta); Loreto / Mercadante; Cadorna; XXV Aprile / Pasubio; Cusani; Pagano (via del Burchiello); Bocconi / Sarfatti; Porta Vittoria (corner of via Anfossi); V Days; Sant'Agostino; Bisceglie (via Lucca).

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