KNX Italy rewards energy efficiency

The best project forenergy efficiency made with the protocol KNX it will be assessed on the basis of the improvement achieved in terms of sustainability and performance energy. Therefore, designers, installers and system integrators of the technology can participate KNX they have also made a tool to achieve green objectives of environmental value, or that aim to do so.

We are talking about the Prize KNX Italy which will take place on 22 November 2013 at the Officine del Volo in Milan as part of the event entitled KNX Day 2013: the world at your fingertips', now in its third edition this year and promoted by KNX Association, a partnership of leading companies in the field of home and building control. A sector, above all, where the theme ofenergy efficiency is today the center of attention.

Designers, installers, system integrators and other national operators interested in participating can send their application for the competition no later than Friday 8 November, complete with the reasons for which they consider themselves deserving of the award and together with the list of devices KNX used to achieve the objective ofenergy efficiency. Only the realizations will be selected KNX the last two years.

Not only energy efficiency, However. Nominations can compete for the Award KNX Italy in four other categories which highlight the various benefits that technology KNX can provide in different fields of application, in response to particular needs: best project for the social; best project for accommodation facilities; best project for public administration; best national project.

The jury of recognition KNX Italy is made up of experts from the world KNX and of KNX Italy. Up for grabs for each of the top finishers in each category, not only for theenergy efficiency, there is a package that includes some KNX APPs for ETS and a Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Who is KNX Italy? The association KNX Italy was born in October 2002 from the transformation of Eiba Italia, established in 1994, from which it inherits the consolidated experience acquired in almost ten years of activity. KNX Italy is the national expression of KNX Association, the European association of manufacturers of materials and components for electrical installation, born from the initiative of the three main European consortia, EIBA, BCI, EHSA which defined the single protocol KNX.

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