Fine powders: the remedy is Italian

Fine powders: the remedy is Italian

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To fight the fine dust smog in the urban centers of Milan, Rome and L'Aquila was also made use of the blast chiller powders atmospheric APA, exactly what the Italian start-up Is-TECH has been presenting abroad for some months and in particular in Beijing, Los Angeles and Prague (three cities where smog is certainly not lacking).

The blast chiller of fine dust APA works in a simple way: an aspirator placed about one meter above the ground captures the air and treats it inside the intelligent platform according to a procedure that reflects the natural cycle of rain. Drops of liquid hit the fine dust and cause them to fall down, depositing them in water.

At the end of the washing process, the air purified by APA is sucked in and reintroduced clean into the atmosphere, without the generation of special waste and low energy consumption. The APA platform to clean the air from fine dust, after 7 years of study in national and international laboratories, it has been tested for over 2 years in various industrial plants and with good results in some urban areas, including the historic centers of Rome, Milan and L'Aquila.

The blast chiller of fine dust can be one of the useful objects of future smart cities, also because the design has been taken care of in a particular way, as are the digital islands inaugurated in recent days in Milan equipped with electric car sharing in the name of an intelligent city friend of the environment.

APA equipment against fine dust they are designed to be inserted in strategic points where it is necessary to intervene (generally the busiest ones with a high rate of smog) have advertising spaces available and are also equipped, like digital islands, with enabling systems for the provision of telematic services to citizens.

We are coming up with an idea that would improve the quality of life in cities and would also be useful for tourists, starting with those who will invade Milan in 2015 for the Expo: digital islands combined with APA blast chillers thin powders combined with parking spaces for (electric) bike and car sharing combined with (free) charging stations for electric vehicles. What beautiful smart cities they would be.

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