From GAF to Energy Efficiency Purchase Groups

From GAF to Energy Efficiency Purchase Groups

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In the new Buying Groups we talk about energy efficiency, not just photovoltaics. Nothing strange, it was normal that i GAF, Photovoltaic Purchasing Groups, were only the first step towards the shared purchase of broad-spectrum solutions that have as their purpose theenergy efficiency.

The collaborative model of the new Energy Efficiency Purchase Groups that are being born remains the same as gods GAF (which is the one borrowed from GAS, Buying Groups Solidarity) with the difference that here we are not limited to the purchase of a photovoltaic system that will produce energy for everyone, but all fields ofenergy efficiency: heat pumps, home automation (electrical and thermal), LEDs and more that can realize, in addition to savings, also the desire for a cleaner environment.

It looks like a Energy Efficiency Purchase Group the GAF born in these days of October 2013 in Turano Lodigiano, in the province of Lodi, with the driving force of a forward-looking municipal administration. Here too, the first step is the purchase of a photovoltaic system which was discussed in public meetings and then the evolution - for those who wish - towards more complete and complete forms of energy efficiency. The Buying Group di Turano Lodigiano is open to both individuals and businesses.

Change the objective, not the model. The principle behind a Energy Efficiency Purchase Group It is the same as GAF and GAS: when there are many, you get a better price. If the supplier-installer is also able to offer other services that meet consumer demand, here are the advantages of being part of a Buying Group are amplified.

The installation of a photovoltaic system is almost always the starting point of a Energy Efficiency Purchase Group also because a photovoltaic system for energy production is worthwhile even without state incentives. The installation cost can be recovered through self-consumption and on-site exchange, which allows the electricity produced but not directly self-consumed to be fed into the grid, and then withdrawn at a different time.

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