All about Nissan electric charging

All about Nissan electric charging

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ThereNissanwith its LEAF it offers a zero-emission vehicle with an NEDC cycle autonomy of 199 km, a top speed of 145 km / h and a time of electric charging only 25 minutes. ThereNissanLEAF canReloadthrough two inputs, the classic single-phase, up to 16A 230V and the fast chargingin direct current up to 125A 500V.

The electric charging of the Nissan LEAF can be conveniently operated at home, however, for the reasons explained in this article, we recommend that charging of LEAF and any other electric vehicle is carried out at a special column, installed in the home or in one of the various public points. For theelectric charging of the NissanLEAF operated at home, the times are very long, we are talking about 420 minutes, all the times in detail.

Electric charging of the Nissan Leaf at a fast charging station: autonomy goes from zero to 80% in less than half an hour.

Recharging the Nissan Leaf at a domestic wall Box (dedicated home charging unit), or public column: the timing varies from 4 to 8 hours for achargingcomplete. 4 hours with the optional 6.6 kW charger.

Recharging the Nissan Leaf with domestic socket: with the classic cable for the Schuko socket the battery will recharge in about 12 hours.

As for fast charging, the Japanese manufacturer is currently making agreements with private companies and local administrations to expand the charging infrastructure for electric cars and to create 400 new fast charging stations across Europe.

The management of each refill

According to an estimate released by Nissan, every European motorist drives less than 100 km per day, a distance that is largely covered by the range offered by LEAF. To better manage theelectric chargingthe motorist can monitor the on-board indicators that show the remaining amount of km that can be traveled. A specific screen of the navigator allows you to view the energy flows, highlighting the energy used for traction and that dedicated to air conditioning, based on these data it will be possible to calculate the areas that can be reached with the residual recharge

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