The Flexx ecological shoes

The Flexx ecological shoes

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Is eco-sustainability a fashion? If a trend has led to the mass purchase of a 600 euro smartphone, then when theenvironmental sustainabilityit will become a trend there will probably be no more litter on the streets. While we are waiting for a general awareness, a Tuscan company proposesecological footwear

Thefootwearof The Flexx company are not the only onesecological shoeson the market, indeed, this sector has numerous models and is in full expansion. Maybe the healthiest way to wearecological shoesis trying to wear as little as possible the ones you already have on your feet and, if necessary, fix them with DIY or by going to a good shoemaker! If the time has come to change theshoes, thoseecologicalthey are an excellent solution.

There is no shortage of modelsecological shoesin bioplastic, ultralight and sporty, in the sports panorama we point out theeco shoesof Nike, Nike GS, made with renewable and recycled materials, the shoe weighs only 160 grams, winning the title of “fastest and lightest” liner ever.

Then we have the SoleRebels in recycled rubber, organic cotton, natural materials… The most popularecological shoesEtnies and the most prestigious Earthkeepers, collection ofsustainable footwearupdated season by season by Timberland. Younger and certainly more original are the Oatshoes shoes, which at the end of their life cycle turn into a splendid plant but unfortunately they are no longer for sale.

Returning to the Tuscan company The Flexx, its models are free of chemical additives: usually, the leather is tanned using substances that are very harmful to the environment, chromium is an example. The Flexx tanneries are strictly Italian and in addition, they do not use glues!

TheshoesThe Flexx are created and manufactured in Pistoia, in the heart of Tuscany: from creation to choice of materials, from leather processing to stitching and assembly, every phase of footwear production takes place in Italy, even the one that involves the development of new prototypes! Not just industrial equipment and environmentally-friendly production processes: each style requires a hundred manual operations, so the professional figure of the shoemaker comes back to life!

The Flexx shoes can also be purchased online on Amazon where you can see photos of all the latest models.

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