Bicycle: the perfect way to create

There bicycle, physical benefits aside, "it is a real time machine that moves at perfect speed between past, present and future". To say it is Roberto Sironi, “An artist on a bicycle” who says: “I write songs, create projects, philosophize, in short… I think. It is a vehicle that will never go out of fashion ".

1) How and when was the association born? With what goal?

The association "Un artist on bicycle - Mobile Culture & Sustainable Arts "was created in collaboration with my partner, the French violinist, Elizabeth Boudjema, in July 2012 from an idea that I had in my drawer for years: to develop and spread my artistic projects through new forms" socializing "where the public could find a new" artistic well-being ".

2) What do you mean by bike as a "means of cultural and artistic locomotion"?

I am deeply convinced that the bicycle not just a ecological means and sustainable mobility but much more. Well-being aside, this human-powered vehicle is a real time machine that moves at perfect speed between past, present and future. For this reason, therefore, it is a means that will never go out of fashion and with which culture can be spread everywhere, not to mention that by bicycle you can do and discover many things. For example, I write songs, create projects, philosophize, in short… I think!

3) How many are members of the association today?

The Association is very young and therefore for now we do not ask ourselves the problem of the number of members: over time, they will arrive. For now, we mainly try to collaborate with various artists and professionals in the ecology sector to develop all the artistic projects we are creating and which do not only concern the bicycle but also water, food, running, independent critical fashion and more.

4) What kind of initiatives do you organize? What kind of audience do they attract?

We are developing shows, painting exhibitions and theatrical pieces whose main theme is a new way of understanding art. The concept of performance and the artist's profession itself must be reviewed: today it is the artist who must find time to deal with the world and no longer the other way around! The audience that follows us is a mixed audience of all ages and above all I would say an audience that is finally attentive and ready to follow other stimuli.

5) From your point of view, have citizens changed their attitude towards cycling in recent years?

Certainly yes and the data and statistics prove it. The bicycle is the future and where there is a future there is attention and respect. New cultures are being born around this incredibly perfect vehicle and more and more the ideal conditions will be created to finally use the bicycle as a normal means of travel. The world of cars is destined to disappear inexorably: it is only a matter of time.

6) What is missing in the city for cyclists?

To say that there is a strong shortage of cycle paths is a matter of course. To say that there is no bicycle parking is disarming evidence. The streets are dangerous, people are neurotic, cities must change and become places of true sharing, participation and encounter, where human beings are not forced to "coexist" with each other but to "live" in a harmonic whole, as it should naturally be. There people riding bicycles, for now, it is only a "movement", a separate entity but a strong and compact entity and this compactness will gradually change things.

7) What are the next scheduled events?

For 2013/2014 we are already planning concerts in France where I will present the Recital "Tandem concert" accompanied by Elizabeth Boudjema, and some performances in Italy of the play that I wrote and directed entitled "West bike story" with actress Evelina Primo .

There will also be several of my painting exhibitions dedicated to water and food and one, "Art on two wheels", dedicated tobicycle universe. It will be set up in Milan to coincide with the next Giro d’Italia.

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