How to protect vegetables from the cold

How to protect vegetables from the cold

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In the family garden, even in the coldest months it is possible to grow vegetables to bring to the table. It is not necessary to select a new frost resistant variety, rather it will be enough to learn how toprotect vegetables from the coldemploying means that will ensure you an abundant harvest when the climatic situations are not favorable.

When thecoldcomes gradually, the crops adapt and tend to get used to the new temperatures. Unfortunately, with climate change, the transition between warm and cold seasons is not so gradual, thecoldit arrives suddenly and so with the first frosts the gardeners risk losing the harvest.

Forprotect vegetables from the coldit is possible to use tunnel greenhouses and / or veils of non-woven fabric. The tunnels can be small or medium in size. The small tunnels have a width and height of 0.8 - 1 meter, while the medium-sized ones are 2-3 meters wide and 2 meters high. Tunnel greenhouses can be easily built with DIY but it is just as simple to find them on the market ready to be assembled.

Tunnel greenhouses canprotect the garden from the coldeven in regions with a harsh climate such as the Po Valley. With tunnels, the only precaution to have is to clear the snow accumulated on the plastic after heavy snow: the snow accumulated on the tunnel hinders the passage of light and can destroy the supporting structures. In the hottest hours of the day, it will be necessary to open the tunnel in order to dry the vegetables.

Forprotect from coldthe flower beds justsown, non-woven webs can be used. The non-woven fabric is light and easy to handle, does not create aesthetic problems and can be used over and over again. Its price is quite affordable and, besidesprotect vegetables from frosts, manages to increase the yield of vegetables.

Those who are lazy and do not want to do any work, can choose some cold-resistant varieties. Among vegetables and more vegetablescold resistantwe point out the selected varieties of garlic, Brussels cabbage, black cabbage, savoy cabbage, leek, radicchio and chicory, turnip, spinach, valerianella and onion.

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