Japan, solar energy comes into orbit

On Earth thesolar powerit can only be exploited during the day; moreover, the electrical potential is influenced by atmospheric conditions, seasons and climatic trends. In space such constraints do not exist, thus, exploiting thesolar powerfrom space, a continuous supply of clean and renewable energy could be obtained.

Is calledSpace Solar Power Systemsand it is the project initiated by the Japanese space agency, JAXA. The Japanese team is developing a method of harvestingsolar powerby geostationary satellites positioned 36,000 kilometers above the Earth.

The technology involves the collection ofsolar powerinto space and then send it to earth in the form of laser or microwave rays. The JAXA agency plans to launch its first prototype into space by 2030. In this timeframe until launch, JAXA will conduct experiments on earth to determine the most efficient way to broadcast power over great distances.

Researchers from the Japanese aerospace agency have begun preparing all the components necessary to launch the technology and present it to the world: it will not take long, soon JAXA will show us how it is possible to transmit large quantities of energy without wires, even over great distances. According to Yasuyuki Fukumuro, JAXA manager, Japan currently has the most advanced technologies to develop such an ambitious project.

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