Garden wind turbine, when is it convenient?

Garden wind turbine, when is it convenient?

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Those interested in wind energy for the home could consider purchasing onemicroturbine from install in garden. When it comes tomini-wind, the cost to be faced is about 2,000 / 3,000 euros for systems between 10 and 20 kW but you can opt for wind microturbines of only 6 kW. Before considering such an expense, it will be necessary to calculate the amount of suction cup present in thegardenor on the site where theturbine.

The prices indicated in the introduction are only indicative, it is not uncommon to come across wind turbines for domestic use with a capacity of 5 kWh and a price of 2,000 euros or even 3 kW wind generators offered at a price of 3,000 / 4,000 euros. In the panorama ofwind microturbinesthe choice is very wide, the market has come to proposeturbines that do not exceed 20 kg in weight! It is true that there is no shortage of wind generator models but it is equally true that the market is not mature enough to be competitive in prices. Before making the purchase, it is necessary to make several calculations, starting from the average life of the turbine, up to making an average estimate of the energy produced for each day of activity.

With the purchase of awind microturbinefrom 1 kWh only, including an inverter for connection to the 220-250 volt home network, regulator and discharger (total cost of 2,300 euros), in a windy area it will be possible to produce 24 kw of energy per day. Such an investment is very convenient especially by taking advantage of the incentives of the Energy Bill. With amicroturbineof this kind (with three blades, only 145 cm high and starting at 2.5 meters per second), the economic advantages would immediately be felt on the electricity bill.

Which wind generator to choose?
As for the choice ofturbine, the market offers a great variety. From the classicsmini wind turbinesBornay, to the most innovative wind turbines and less conventional shapes such as the EcoWhisper (characterized by maximum silence), the WindOrcharld (with rather competitive prices with a good quality / price ratio) and the Harmowind designed for courtyard installation.

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