How to grow the lawn on the roof? Hmm ... Let's see!

How to grow the lawn on the roof? Hmm ... Let's see!

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Anyone wishing to set up agreen roofrather than wonderinghow to grow a lawn on the roofto make his mission as easy as possible, he should ask himself how to install it. Yes, there are several companies on the market that offer solutions for setting up agreen roof. Among the various products available today we point outPratotetto, a turf ready to insulate the roof of the house.Pratotettodoor onroofof their home, the macrothermal species of the genus Zoysia. This plant variety has a very slow growth and is distinguished by its characteristic wavy appearance.

When it comes togreen roofthere are many doubts that arise, the most common concern maintenance work such as cutting and irrigation. In the case of thePratotetto, the Zoysia clods, already treated and from the ideal maturity, are installed on theroofequipped with an inorganic substrate which, on the one hand, manages toinsulate the house and on the other, it stores water and gradually releases it to the root system of plants.

Pratotetto is worked with a special machine that reduces its weight to a minimum, moreover, during installation, the various layers are composed to contain a sub-irrigation system. To avoid any kind of water waste, it is advisable to create a closed circuit system so as to recover the drainage water, in this way, the roots absorb the water they need and everything else will be supplied to the lawn during the subsequent watering.

As for the cut of thegreen roof, in this case,Pratotettoit does not require a great deal of maintenance: the vegetation, once it reaches a certain maturity, has stable heights. The waves have an average height that varies between 8 and 16 cm.

The advantages of agreen roofof this type can be summarized as follows:

  • adding a great aesthetic value to the home
  • immediate reduction of thermal excursions
  • increased energy efficiency of the building: the house will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The green roof will act as an insulator avoiding heat loss in the winter and protecting the home from high temperatures in the summer.
  • The electromagnetic and sound waves are mythical.
  • It retains dust by purifying the air.

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