Cannero Riviera, TCI certified village of excellence

Cannero Riviera, TCI certified village of excellence

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Those who love beautiful things will certainly not be disappointed by Day Orange flagswhich will be held on Sunday 13 October in 100 locations scattered throughout the national territory. It is 100 villages from the reception certified byItalian Touring Club.A day full of guided tours, tastings, recreational activities and free events.

Betweenvillagesof Italian excellence could not be missingCannero Riviera, a charming town on the Piedmontese shore of Lake Maggiore. Visitors will be welcomed by the elegant lakefront characterized by villas, ancient manor houses, a picturesque harbor carved into the rock and two islets that emerge in front of the coast, dominated by the ruins of eighteenth-century castles.

In such a suggestive atmosphere, you cannot miss a cruise on the lake where the boat is driven bysolar power. From the catamaran you can admire the magical medieval towers, the islet of the prisons and the Madonnina, the work of the sculptor Castiglioni. There will be no lack of vegetation and biodiversity: among the ruins swans and seagulls nest, moreover, the day will open with a visit to the gardens and the Citrus Park. Along the coast there is no shortage of palm trees, citrus fruits, olive trees, oleanders, camellias and other Mediterranean plant varieties. Those on the hunt for typical products cannot miss a visit to theEthnographic and brush museumwhich, for the occasion, will welcome visitors with free admission.

TheOrange Flagsof the Italian Touring Club were assigned tovillagesof excellence of the Italian hinterland. The localities ofOrange flags of the TCIthey seem to be the only ones that survived the Italian tourism crisis: at the end of the summer, many Italian holiday resorts saw double-digit drops in organized tourism. The drop in attendance mainly affected the seaside resorts.

The localities were not affected at all by the crisisOrange flag, in these welcoming villages the tourist incoming has not dropped, indeed, in some cases it has even increased. It is a niche tourism that leaves no room for crisis, for example, the Orange Flag of Soave, in Veneto, has seen a rather significant increase in the flow of tourists. In addition to Italian tourists, the Soave hinterland was able to welcome many Russians, French, Norwegians and Finns, all in search of food and wine goodness that is not lacking even in Cannero Riviera, with its culinary delights, one of many,Mursciulitt, typical citrus biscuits.

Orange Flagsand Social Network
In the era ofSocial Networkcould not miss the application dedicated to Dayof theOrange Flags. It is possible to share and invite all friends to visit thevillagechosen. At this link, the official page of the initiative signed by TCI.

How to get to Cannero Riviera
Cannero Riviera is located between Stresa and Locarno on the state road 34 of Lake Maggiore (a few kilometers from the Swiss border of Piaggio Valmara).

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