How to set up an urban garden

How to set up an urban garden

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L'Urban gardenit can be a collective resource of great social value. We have already seen how to set up an urban garden, today we return to talk abouturban gardensto see, in more concrete terms, how a community of people can move to start an activity of this kind. Communities, groups of people, local associations… the aggregations they might wish to have are endlesscreate an urban garden. The purposes are so many, from environmental education to self-production, food education and safeguarding agricultural biodiversity.

Theurban gardensthey can be both public and private. The necessity ofurban gardensprivate originates when the municipality of residence does not allow cultivation on its territory. When it comes tourban gardensthere is no single legislation, sometimes local administrations launch tenders to assign the management of green spaces, other times just fill out a request for the practice ofurban horticulture.

In many cases, citizens have started the practice ofUrban gardenby reclaiming a piece of land that was in a state of decay. Once established the site where to be ableset up the urban garden, get organized as best you can to give the whole community a way to benefit fromurban horticulture.Here are some tips on how to proceed to manage theshared garden:

  • Before starting, establish rules shared by all. Get together constantly as the periodic meetings are an excellent opportunity for growth!
  • Share your concerns, gather ideas and communicate.
  • To keep track of the management ofUrban garden, use a community notebook where everyone will have to write down the tasks performed.
  • In theshared gardengroup activities should not be missing: Sunday can be an excellent day to devote to great work for the life ofvegetable garden.
  • In the management ofUrban gardenthere must not be a pyramid organization, there is no one at the top, no one who commands, there are only coordinators: plus the design of theUrban gardenit will be horizontal, the better things will go! L'collective gardenit always belongs to everyone and never to anyone in particular.

In aUrban garden,the space must be managed as in the case of avegetable gardenfamiliar. There will be a flowerbed for growing vegetables, one for growing herbs, a natural space that will function as a sharing space. If there is enough space in theUrban gardenflowerbeds for small fruit or even an orchard could be built.

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