How to decorate your home with plants

How to decorate your home with plants

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The skilful distribution of greenery can give the house a fresh and elegant appearance. Today we will give you some suggestions fordecorate with plantsboth in terms of varieties to be preferred (indoor plants) and in terms of location. When is meantdecorate the house with plants, a determining factor falls on the choice of the vase: size, style, color, technology, material ...

In rooms with low light you can chooseindoor plantsof the agavaceae family, in particular the genus Sansevieria; here the irrigations must be very spaced, especially in winter. Cooking is possible toodecorate with plants, imagine a centerpiece given by the combination of three shades of African violets, placed in a curved urn and surrounded by moss. Any pot can be enriched with moss to mask and cover the soil. Ready-to-use sheets of moss can be purchased from specialized retailers. This cover will also help the soil to retain moisture by making the periods between irrigations longer.


Thesucculent plantscanto furnishhome with style and simplicity, however, with the right composition, they can give the home an intriguing look. Choose a mix ofplantssucculent, the collection must not miss a pointed plant, a more rounded one, an opaque one and a brighter green one. Succulent plants need good sun exposure.

What do you think of a sapling with large leathery leaves that transforms an empty corner into a small green island? To increase the aesthetic value of theplant, add some stones or a large stone with blue veins. Among the saplings with fuller and greener leaves, we suggest theficus. It needs a modest light so it is best to keep it away from the bright midday sun. Water only when the first inch of soil is dry.


Does your bathroom make you sad?
Think of a phalaenopsis orchid as a long-lasting bouquet ready forto furnishthe bathroom at home. Orchids love a humid environment (just like that of the bathroom) and lighted positions: place the plant near the window, even better if near a mirror. The pot will need to be filled with a mix of peat, charcoal and bark.

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