How not to get tired on a bicycle

Pedaling by bicycle it needs a constant and regular movement (cyclic!). Those who prefer the bike to the private car perform a great service for the environment, in addition, ankles, knees, legs and hips will thank you!

Many users are discouraged from using onebikebecause they are afraid ofgetting tiredtoo much. Thepedal assisted bicycle but those who want to learn to rely only on their own strength can read "How not to get tired on a bicycle“, our guide article that will provide you with suggestions to make the most of the potential of two wheels on the pedals!

Perhaps, after reading "How not to get tired on a bicycleYou will not be ready to participate in theTour de France,but you will certainly be able to cycle to the nearest supermarket for your daily shopping!Rideit is not tiring but requires little attention: just think that many marathon runners to train to run faster use thebike aiming to reach 90 rpm with the heaviest ratios. On the contrary, fordo not get tired on a bicycle,it is always necessary to use the right gear: the lightest gears uphill, average gears on flat routes and more "hard "when cycling downhill.

A determining factor is given by thebicycle, it is important to have a bike suitable for the routes to be made (mountain bike, road bike, hybrid ...), but it is even more important to ride on a bike suitable for our height. When you pedal, the feeling of tiredness can be really frustrating, it is good to understand that tiredness should not be related only to the journey covered but above all to the physical conditions: make sure to guarantee the body adequate hydration both before and during the exit by bike. As with hydration, the nutritional status must also be optimal. Bananas can be an excellent ally for the cyclist, as can potatoes eaten with their skins!

Forget tiredless, make sure you warm up before getting on the saddle. Do muscle stretching exercises before and after your run. While doing the exercises, focus on the quadriceps and glutes, muscles of primary importance in the saddle.

In summary, fordo not get tired cyclingit will be necessary, in order of importance:
- maintain excellent physiological conditions (hydration, nutrition ...)
- ride a bike of the right size for your height
-prediction of a lighter and more suitable bike for the routes
-use the ratios appropriate to the road conditions
- keep a correct posture
- before getting on the saddle, do some "stretching for cyclists"

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