How to grow a vegetable garden on the terrace

How to grow a vegetable garden on the terrace

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Buying attractive-looking fruit and vegetables does not mean bringing home a good or genuine product: industrial cultivation techniques can be quite harmful. Our garden can give us the only guarantee! Even if we don't own any plot of land, there are viable alternatives to be able to cultivate the vegetable garden at home. We can, for example, use the cultivation on the terrace or on the balcony. Let's see in detail how to cultivate a vegetable garden on the terrace, following some useful indications.

The garden on the terrace, the instruments
Before starting home cultivation, it is good to organize yourself with the right tools. What do we need to be able to cultivate the vegetable garden?

  • A short-handled spade for decanting
  • A short-handled fork to aerate the soil
  • Garden scissors
  • Gloves
  • A cloth to put on the balcony when pouring: so as not to get dirty
  • Watering can
  • Vases
  • A few lots of neutral soil
  • Compost or manure

The garden on the terrace, useful information

  • Prefer clay pots for their perfect breathability.
  • Instead, for the pots you hang on the balcony, prefer plastic, as it is lighter
  • Also choose plastic for all those vegetables that you will need to transplant / harvest quickly, such as salads.

What can we recycle for our garden?

  • Binding wire, ribbons, aluminum, cotton or wool threads
  • Chicken manure: if you do not have any, buy dry manure in pellets: evaluate the possibility of making good compost with organic waste
  • Hay straws for mulching and / or dry leaves and / or garden clippings dried
  • Plastic bottles
  • Bamboo canes or lake reeds: just walk along embankments, fountains, rivers, water courses of marshy origin to find

Vegetable garden on the terrace, what to plant?
If yours is your very first experience, for the first year limit yourself to growing aromatic plants on your terrace: they are simple, do not require much care and have immediate use. Three different types of herbs can also be transplanted into the same container: rosemary, thyme and sage for example. Then there are other herbs that can be grown such as basil, parsley and mint. Speaking of parsley, in this case it is better to grow it alone, since it is an intrusive aroma. Then you can start with the salad, some zucchini plants and some tomatoes.

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