Mamma Natura: natural and draft products

Mamma Natura: natural and draft products

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Biological and without useless packaging and boring advertising, more and more innovative and eco-sustainable: they are so i products of the brand Mother Nature , created by two young entrepreneurs who propose a new lifestyle, based on the elimination of the superfluous. From beer, to balsamic vinegar, and then oil, honey, sauces, tea, candies and sweets and even cosmetics and detergents on tap: over 1000 natural products and always new arrivals Stefano Ventura leaves you shrouded in mystery.

1) When was Mother Nature born and how did you get the idea?

Mamma Natura was born from an idea in 2009 that was put into practice in October 2011, after about a year and a half of study, research, and contacts. The idea was to carry out an ethical activity that would allow us to create and give space to our passions and our imagination. Appreciating the genuine products of our country and nature in general, we have tried to combine them both by returning to the origins and offering something special.

2) With what criteria do you select the products?
The products are selected after being tested directly by us. The selection criteria are quality and a short supply chain, trying to make room for small businesses. Bulk products allow us to be competitively priced for the same packaged product.

3) What guarantees do you provide to the customer regarding quality and genuineness?
All products are provided with a technical sheet where the ingredients and deadlines are indicated. Everything is therefore available to our customers. However, we think that the best evaluation criteria are smell and taste and that is why we can taste them before buying. With us the products are not dressed in deceptive packaging, with us the products cannot lie. One example among many? The spices, ours are of high quality and freshness, and the nose confirms.

4) How many products do you offer today?
We offer about a thousand natural and organic products, food and non-food. We have beer, wine, balsamic vinegar (the real one, without dyes and caramel), oil, honey, cereals, legumes, spices, pasta, rice, sauces, tea, herbal teas, infusions, candies and sweets, dried fruit, all strictly on tap. Cosmetics, detergents on tap, cut soaps etc ...

5) Among the foods which are the most requested?
There are no more or less requested foods, it is the seasons that influence the requests.

Products on tap

6) And among the non-food?
We are seeing that there are more and more people approaching the world of natural cosmetics do it yourself, and then buy the basic ingredients to self-produce face creams, hands and soaps. This is why we started offering DIY cosmetics courses.

7) What are the latest news?

We recently started a cooking class, the rest is a surprise. Follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date!

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