CSR and social innovation in relation

CSR and social innovation in relation

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Since the beginning of the economic crisis, 90% of Italians are more attentive toenvironment, or at least claim to be, and the majority of excellent companies confirm or rather rebound investments for sustainability in all respects, or at least claims to do so. Virtuous effects of an unwanted recession but also the starting point: more than one in two Italians today declares that at the end of the crisis their way of consuming will be very different from before.

We talk about it at CSR and social innovation exhibition (1-2 October at Bocconi University in Milan), where over 100 organizations present stories of excellence and commitment to social responsability according to the lines of Corporate Social Responsibility. A two-day meeting with over 60 events that will be opened by Enel 10 years after the presentation of the first corporate Sustainability Report.

Today's sustainability we talk about food, environment, home, communication, economy, work, fashion, health. And the crisis has increased people's awareness and sense of responsibility. Let's take the environment: according to the research institute GfK Eurisko, more than one in three Italians today declare themselves very attentive to the environment in their daily behavior and as many as 90% of people believe that everyone can indeed give their own contribution to reduce pollution.

At the same time, a model of sustainable consumption which takes the form of 5 behaviors: the reduction of unnecessary consumption, the reduction of waste (water, energy), a more responsible management of objects, greater awareness of the life cycle of goods and the choice of more responsible products and brands. A model destined to profoundly change lifestyles: Italians who claim to have changed their way of consuming according to the criteria of greater sustainability they are already 54 percent today.

And the businesses? The companies engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility interviewed by GfK Eurisko affirm in 54% of cases that the crisis did not have effects on the commitment to sustainability: for over a third it even increased it and only 10% reduced it. For 88% of these companies, sustainability represents a primary reference value: the majority of them claim to have obtained from this a reputation advantage (58%), in the relationship with the territory where they operate (59%) and also in the product or service innovation (55%).

The CSR and social innovation exhibition, where the organizers expect over 2000 visitors and over 100 organizations are present, is the first and largest event in Italy dedicated to the evolution of corporate responsibility towards Corporate Social Innovation. The event is promoted by Bocconi University, CSR Manager Network, Unioncamere, Alliance of Italian Cooperatives, Sodalitas Foundation, Koinètica. Institutional partners: Lombardy Region, CONAI, National Packaging Consortium, Enel.

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