EV, portable electric columns are spreading

There is no shortage of electrical sources on the streets of the city: just look at the street light poles and electrical panels… So why not use these resources to recharge the EVs everywhere? Thinking about it, it was a Berlin company that thus proposed the portable electric column "Ubitricity".

According to market statistics, the electric car sector is gaining share and the proposals are becoming increasingly accessible to the public: the costs of electric cars only dropped by 20%. With the spread of electric mobility, the need for an infrastructure network suitable for refueling EV vehicles is felt even more strongly. In this context, the portable electric column Ubitricity, patented by a German company.

Ubitricity consists of a special electrical socket that recharges the EVs by hooking up to light poles or street electrical panels, so when it comes to portable electrical columns you don't have to imagine anything too bulky, no accumulator and no battery.

Ubitricity is not just a project, the state of development is very advanced so that the first 1,000 portable devices could debut on the market by the end of this year. There portable electric charging integrates intelligent software capable of putting the car in communication with the manager of the electricity used to recharge the vehicle. Each top-up will be registered and an invoice will be issued at the same time. The user of the service will have his own account, so he can keep track of all his top-ups. Costs are also smart: for each transaction carried out, the service charges should amount to around 0.10 euro cents.

If the German start-up was the first to propose such an intelligent system, Ubitricity is not the first portable electric charging station. The British company Charging Solutions has proposed the EV Rescue, a box equipped with a J1772 port compatible with all electric cars. Back in 2011, the EV Rescue proved its effectiveness by recharging the Nissan Leaf in a timely manner.

There portable electric column proposed by the British company is completely different from the "made in Germany" system: with the EV Rescue the driver must first recharge the column and then use the accumulated electricity to recharge the EV. The EV Rescue, in other words, acts as a sort of emergency battery, giving you an extra up to 53 kilometers. There portable electric column English is already available in two versions, 4 or 10 Kw.

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