LPG or Diesel, considerations to make

LPG or Diesel, considerations to make

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Better an LPG or Diesel car: the considerations to be made to choose the car well. Comparison between LPG and diesel, pros and cons of their respective power supplies.

In the past we have raised debates about the criteria for choosing a car with power supply LPG or methane, today we try to do the same thing by putting a comparison the LPG to thediesel fuel, fuel also known asdiesel.

In terms of performance and power, the latest enginesdieselcan be compared to gasoline ones. Still talking about performance and power, theLPGcan be compared to methane even if the "power hierarchy"Sees first gasoline engines immediately followed by diesel ones, then there is LPG and only after the methane supply. With methane fueling, the car loses a lot of power but gains efficiency. Between methane and LPG, the fastest feeding is the LPG while methane is the most "saving" one but when the comparison is made with diesel fuel?

On the subject of cars: betterLPG or diesel?

To choose between LPG and dieselit is important to consider certain criteria and even more important to ask yourself questions. It is not possible to say a priori ifbettera'diesel or LPG carif personal needs are not examined.

  • What kind of driver are you?
  • What is your priority?
  • How often do you change the car?
  • How many kilometers do you travel each year?

If your driving is sporty, undoubtedly a cardieselis the one for you.

In addition the car diesel, at the time of resale of your used, they suffer a minor devaluation. This factor must be considered especially by those who often change the car or otherwise intend to keep the car for only a few years.

Conversely, if your priority is not on car performance but on savings, the wisest choice is theLPGbut only after considering the amount of kilometers he intends to travel in a year.

LPG or diesel, consumption in comparison

Talking about consumption, you have to consider that with the gplmanagement costs drop dramatically! Not even the most "economical" of diesel cars would be able to ensure the running costs of an LPG car, so the power supplydieselin recent years it has been losing streak.

To calculate the economic return of the higher economic outlay at the time of purchase, you need to do some calculations based on the kilometers you intend to travel. Just consider that if you travel 30,000 kilometers annually, the expense to be faced with an engine that offers a mileage of 8 km per liter is approximately 6,683 euros if you drive acarpetrol.

The price drops to 5,426 euros if the power supply is diesel but the most considerable savings are found with methane, in fact, with this power supply, to travel 30,000 kilometers, you need only 2,471 euros, against 3,256 euros for theLPG.

To answer the question "LPG or Diesel?"SFile your priorities and compare the purchase price of the LPG car and the diesel car. Multiply the current price of fuel by the kilometers traveled in a year and see how long it takes to recover the difference between one type of fuel and another.

LPG system and cylinder maintenance

As mentioned, LPG fueling can be a good choice to save on fuel. Many doubts may arise regarding the maintenance of the LPG system and cylinders.

It is important to remember that LPG cylinders must be replaced after 10 years of use. The cost of replacing the cylinders is between 300 and 500 euros for city cars.

Better LPG or methane

Many exclude a priori methane supply due to the management of the cylinders. In any case, to dispel any doubts, we report the articleBetter LPG or methane.

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