Lamps with solar cells

Lamps with solar cells

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Thesolar cell lampsthey represent an excellent solution for home, portable and garden lighting. Thanks to the special power supply, most of thelamps with solar cellsit does not require any electrical cable as they draw energy directly from the sun, ideal for campers or for those who do not intend to expand their home electrical network to illuminate the garden!

Wisely used, thesolar cell lampscan represent a valid means of saving on the bill. With the spread of ecological culture and renewable energy, the market has begun to offer more and more models ofsolar cell lamps, among the most striking examples we point out that Ikea. The Swedish brand, famous all over the world, offers a wide range oflampsand solar-powered chandeliers.

Prices are very affordable and range from around 10 euros up to 50 euros for more sophisticated models. For example, thesolar energy lampstables of the Solviden line by Ikea, cost around 23 euros, include rechargeable batteries and an integrated LED system that guarantees 20,000 hours of light. The LED unit is powered by a photovoltaic module. Other Ikea lamps incorporate sensors that automate the lighting: the light turns on when the sun goes down.

In addition tosolar cell lampsmore traditional and table, there are garden ones from the smallest and most compact up to real street lamps, so efficient as to illuminate entire avenues and cycle paths.

If for us thesolar cell lampsrepresent a market evolution, for some remote locations, these systems are the only means of lighting: in North Africa, photovoltaic torches cost around 50 eurocent! Here, a portable flashlight costs no less than 10 euros: the cheapest found on the web has 4 white LED lights, intactsolar cellsand costs 13 euros.

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