Italian companies and the environment at the CSR European Award

Italian companies and the environment at the CSR European Award

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Behind the best initiatives of corporate social responsibility CSR in the business world there are more and more multi-stakeholder partnerships. Among the subjects involved in the initiatives awarded by the EU Commission under the European CSR Award in fact there are: public institutions (26), non-profit organizations (43), universities (9) and social enterprises (7), with which companies tend to build relationships of continuous collaboration over time.

Another emerging trend is that the partnerships of CSR developed by enterprises mainly address the environmental issue, training and job placement of young people, social inclusion, health, the development of local economies. A third trend highlights that to carry out partnership projects of corporate social responsibility they are mainly companies in the food & beverage, large distribution and IT sectors.

The Italian edition of the European CSR Award it saw the participation of 45 large companies and 15 SMEs. It won for the large business categoryBarilla, while among the SMEs it stood out Guna. A Special Mention was awarded toUniCredit. Below you will find the reasons that led the EU Commission to award the three Italian companies.

Barillawas awarded for a multidisciplinary study by sustainable agriculture. In 2009 Barilla, in collaboration with HORTA of the Catholic University of Piacenza, launched a study to verify the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the cultivation systems and the quality of the product, to then provide the tools to improve the overall profitability of farms and the environmental impact of field production. In this project, durum wheat producers were able to reach, through the use of Ten Commandments of Cultivation developed by the company, significant results in terms of reduction of cultivation costs and CO₂ emissions (-30%) and improvement of land yield (+ 20%).

Guna was awarded for the project Intercultural Medicine in Paraguay. Intercultural medicine is a multi-year project carried out by Guna in collaboration with COOPI with the aim of re-evaluating local traditions, offering employment to marginalized indigenous young people and helping to improve their access to healthcare. In 2011, the agreement underlying the initiative was signed, while in 2012: the laboratory used for product packaging, washing and grinding of herbs was expanded; 2 underground tanks of 20,000 and 40,000 liters were built to collect rainwater; the first syrups, soaps and shampoos were produced. To date, more than 12 thousand one-liter packs of liquid soap, 4,800 packs of 250 ml shampoo, 4,800 packs of 100 ml of syrups and 740 packs of 100 Moringa olifera capsules have been distributed in the region. GUNA is now studying the possibility of industrializing some active ingredients from the Chaco region to make medicines in Europe.

UniCredit was awarded for the initiative Your Choice, Your Project. Your Choice, Your Project is the tool that UniCredit, through the UniCredit Foundation, has promoted to involve its employees from all over Europe in the final phase of the decision-making process for assigning grants to projects carried out by non-profit organizations. The initiative involved 9 countries: Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. After scouting in the various territorial areas to identify emerging needs, a range of projects was proposed, specific for each country, to be submitted to the vote of colleagues. In this way the company, thanks to the participation of 38 thousand employees, supported 58 projects for a total of 2,614,000 euros donated.

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