Agriculture belongs to young graduates

Agriculture belongs to young graduates

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Ribbon cutting at Expo RURALE Toscana 2013

For some years nowagriculture it is the only sector that is growing in Italy by creating employment, especially among Young people. With industry struggling (-5.8%), and services struggling (-1.1%), only the primary sector remains to record a positive GDP (1.1% ISTAT) accompanied by an increase in jobs work (intended as recruitment) concentrated above all in Central Italy.

According to Coldiretti, 100,000 new jobs will be created in the agricultural sector in the next three years, equal to 10% of the current workforce. But the surprising thing, indeed not anymore, is that theagriculture i like it Young people, which can be understood by looking at the identity card and curriculum vitae of the new ones agricultural entrepreneurs. Businesses under the age of 35 have increased by 4% in Italy in the last year, and many of them have university degrees (30% and we are not just talking about agriculture) or have a high school diploma (over 70%).

Data and reasoning of this type on young people and agriculture are now a concrete reality and are landing in discussions at all levels, waiting for politics to move with the long times that belong to it. An example is the August appointment Economy under the umbrella di Lignano Pineta and another one begins today 12 September 2013 in Tuscany with Tuscany RURAL Expo 2013.

We were talking about Central Italy. Tuscany RURAL Expo shows that in an anti-cyclical agricultural scenario, in which the number of farm openings largely exceeds that of closures, Tuscany holds, offers a stable and even slightly growing picture inagriculture and in the work for i Young people, and continues to represent the flagship for quality, excellence and innovation. We are talking about a region where agriculture has always been strong.

Tuscany RURAL Expo amplifies a strong message: that of the farmer today is a profession that represents a real lifestyle with a view to a sustainable future. The territories, identity, landscape and food are the competitive lever to drive Made in Italy around the world. Initiatives such as Tuscany RURAL Expo serve to testify that by investing in local resources andagriculture Italy can grow again and give a future to Young people.


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