Hydroponic cultivation

If you have ever cut off a sprig and put it in a glass of water to make it develop its roots, you have already practiced a certain form ofhydroponic cultivation. L'hydroponicsit is a branch of agriculture thanks to which it is possiblecultivate plantswithout the use of an earthy substrate. The soil is replaced by an aqueous mixture rich in nutrients dissolved in water: the roots of the plants are suspended in this solution. Therehydroponic cultivationit must not be confused with aquaculture!

So, thanks to the techniquehydroponicsit's possiblecultivateplants of all kinds in any place, even in the garage! A fertile soil is not necessary, just a watery growing medium and the right lighting.

While many believe that thehydroponic cultivationare the last frontier of agronomic technology, it is good to specify this practice is thousands of years old. The famous hanging gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, were cultivated with the techniquehydroponics: in 600 BC in Babylon or Mesopotamia, the gardens were located in a dry and arid place, the gardens of Babylon exploited the water of the Euphrates river but not for irrigation rather it was used as a breeding ground.

The Aztecs developed floating gardens which find a similarity inhydroponic cropsimplemented by farmers of the Intha tribe of Myanmar, in the photo above you can see the Inle Lake with the cultivation of tomatoes.

Who has enough space, can use the soil forcultivatefruit and vegetables but those who cannot organize boxes on the balcony can take advantage of thehydroponic cultivationin the entrance of the house or in the kitchen. Who wants to start thehydroponic cultivation, there is no shortage of ready-to-use kits on the market.

Usually, in the purchase package of a kit, you will find all the tools for caring for plants usinghydroponic cultivation: lighting system consisting of an electric power supply with reflector and light. Nutrients for the growing medium given by various fertilizers. Accessories to contain the culture medium (aqueous solution) where to house the plants. Analog timer.

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