How to build a lamp

How to build a lamp

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If you are about to buy a new item, think about it: it is not that you can create it with thedo-it-yourself? Tables, chairs, shelves… there are many objects that can be made withdo-it-yourself, an easy example is given by construction of a lampBuilding a lampit is not at all difficult as often happens, good will and a little experience are enough.

The art ofdo-it-yourselfgoes well with recycling: percreate a lampor a chandelier, you need a few starting elements, simple to find and very cheap.

The necessary

  • a roll of double-gauge twine
  • vinyl glue
  • inflatable balloon
  • scissors
  • glass or jar
  • flat tip brush
  • felt tip pen
  • acrylic color of your choice (optional)
  • gloves

In order not to dirty the work table, it is advisable to cover it with old newspaper sheets or a cellophane sheet fixed to the edges of the top with adhesive tape.

In a jar, pour the vinyl glue and "stretch it "with a few drops of water to make it more fluid. Unroll the string and dip it into the jar and press. Who wants onelampof a certain color, it can add some acrylic paint to the vinyl glue and make sure that the twine fiber soaks well.

Inflate the balloon. Inflate it to the size you want to give yourslamp. Knotted "the tail of the balloon "and always on the lower edge, draw a circumference: it will be the border where you will have to stop wrapping the string, this is where your light bulb will pass in the future.

Put on a pair of gloves, take the string from the jar and start wrapping it around the shape of the balloon starting like this: take the end of the string and place it vertically on the balloon, follow other layers of string and stop the end with a few turns horizontally. Start by wrapping vertically, alternating horizontally and diagonally, evenly, as if to form a ball. For every two layers of string, if this seems too dry, brush it with more vinyl glue.

Let the vinyl glue pull and wait for the string to dry. Remove the balloon: if this is fitted with a valve, you can deflate it and remove it, otherwise you can prick it with a pair of scissors; in any case, make sure that the twine is completely dry! You have thus obtained yourslampto be fixed to the wall or to a board! I recommend… choose a low energy consumption cold lamp!

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