How to insulate the wooden ceiling

How to insulate the wooden ceiling

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Summer is now coming to an end and it is good to start focusing on the efficiency of the house in terms of heating. In this regard, today we want to illustrate you how to insulate the wooden ceiling of a room with glass wool panels, in order to contribute to energy saving. A significant saving in terms of energy expenditure, which can be estimated at around 20%, especially for the weight that the winter months would have on the bill. This is an operation that does not require particular difficulties for implementation, you can also do it on your own with a little commitment and patience. But let's see in detail how to insulate the false ceiling, following our directions as you go.

How to insulate the suspended ceiling, glass wool
To isolate the countertop there are several materials on the market, among the most efficient we find glass wool, an excellent natural, ecological insulator. Although it is made artificially, it is 90% produced with inorganic raw materials, which are found in nature in practically infinite quantities.
More than 60% of recycled materials are used to produce it (for example glass bottles) and among the main components we mention silica, or the very common sand. Furthermore, since it is a porous material with open cells, it has excellent insulation and sound absorption characteristics.

How to insulate the suspended ceiling, the necessary

  • The insulation, in this case glass wool: take the measurements very carefully for the quantity
  • Disposable suit
  • A pair of rubber gloves
  • A pair of glasses closed on the sides
  • Face masks
  • Cutter
  • Meter

How to insulate the suspended ceiling, the procedure

  1. Take the measurements of the surface to be insulated very carefully to understand how much insulating material you need
  2. Once you have purchased the material, measure the distances from one point of the ceiling to the other, in order to cut the glass wool panels to size: they can be cut with a simple, well-sharpened cutter.
  3. Make sure the panels are cut to size to avoid leaving open gaps: if necessary, cut the panel a couple of centimeters larger than smaller.
  4. To support the glass wool panels, place a thin iron wire anchored by means of nails to the sides of the wooden beams: for each panel place two nails on one side and two on the other, in order to fix the wire around the head of each nail forming a cross support.
  5. Close the individual glass wool panels very carefully, trying not to leave holes and proceed, then until the completion of the work.

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