September 2013: the new energy label for light bulbs

Watch out forlabel on the packaging of the light bulbs. From 1 September the obligation for producers and importers to affix on the packaging of light bulbs a new kind of energy label, as required by the European Regulation No. 874/2012 which has already been published in the Official Journal.

On the new one energy label of light bulbs, which may be in the color or monochrome version, the name and / or brand of the manufacturer, the product identifier, the energy classification of the light bulb and the weighted energy consumption. Energy classification is weighted consumption these are the two main innovations of the new labeling system.

With the new label energy a new classification of energy efficiency, with a reference scale ranging from A ++ (highly efficient) to E (inefficient). Compared to the previous classification, which instead went from A to G, the new series of values ​​highlights the improvement in terms of energy efficiency of the technologies available compared to the previous ones.

The letter indicated on theenergy label in fact constitutes the 'vote' attributed to the efficiency of the lamp, or the ratio between light emitted (lumen) and energy consumed (Watt) by the bulb, and determines its energy classification. The new label also introduces the data relating to weighted energy consumption expressed in kWh / 1000h on an annual basis. In this way, the consumer will be informed of how much the different types of lamps weigh on his bill.

The new energy label it will also be extended to lamps that were previously excluded, such as low voltage halogen lamps, as well as all directional lamps, including LED lamps which are characterized by a particularly low consumption.

There will be a period of 'double circulation': theenergy label it is in fact mandatory only for light bulbs placed on the market starting from 1 September 2013. The products already on sale in stores will still be able to carry the old labeling, therefore in the transition phase it will be possible to find the two different classifications.

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