The 2013 harvest in the North East was better than expected

The 2013 harvest in the North East was better than expected

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What to say about the harvest 2013? At the beginning of September and in full harvest of the early varieties (after the grapes for the sparkling base which are the first to end up in the vats) the quantitative estimates speak for theTrentino an increase of 15-20% for white grapes, while for black grapes the quantities should not differ from those of last year.

In the province of Bolzano the increase should be around 5-10% and in more detail: Schiava and Lagrein + 5%, Merlot, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco + 10%, Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau and Sauvignon Blanc + 15%, Aromatic Traminer + 20%.

InFriuli Venezia Giulia there is a decrease of around 5-10% and also in the other Italian wine-growing regions harvest 2013 it is a bit late but promises to be interesting, especially in terms of quality. It was not to be taken for granted after a terrible (cold) spring and summer heat waves.

Looking across the border, the French have some serious concern, in particular the producers in the Bordeaux area where heavy hailstorms have affected yields. A good one is expected in Spain harvest 2013, again slightly late.

InVeneto good is expectedharvest 2013: production of white grapes up by 5-10% compared to last year and unchanged quantity for black grapes. These figures are positive if we consider the season characterized, until almost the end of June, by abundant rainfall and low temperatures that had created strong concerns for various health problems in the vineyards.

The data provided by Veneto Agricoltura allow us a deeper insight into the Region. TO Verona an increase in Chardonnay (+ 5%), Garganega (+ 0-5%), Corvinone (+ 5/10%), Merlot (+ 5%) grapes is expected, while a decrease should affect the grapes of the Corvina variety (- 5%) and Rondinella (-15 / 20%).

In Treviso a slight quantitative increase of white grapes is expected (+ 3/4%), while the production of black grapes should remain unchanged. For Glera (Prosecco) the increase should be + 5/10% and for Chardonnay + 5%. Merlot production unchanged. In 2012 Treviso and Verona alone had produced over 8 million and 400 thousand quintals of grapes, three quarters of the total production in Veneto.

On the other hand, production in the area of Venice (-5 / 10%) with Merlot, Glera and Chardonnay announced around -5%. Bad this year Rovigo, where reductions of -20 / 30% are even expected due to major grubbing-ups and heavy hailstorms recorded in recent weeks.

Vice versa a Vicenza Record increases (+ 10/15%) are announced for both Merlot and Glera (+ 15%) and Chardonnay (+ 10%). A positive sign in Padua also for the Euganean Hills and the provincial territory, where the increase should be around + 10/12%.

TO Bellunofinally, a production of about 6,000 quintals of grapes should be reached, an almost irrelevant figure in the regional context but of great interest due to the constant increase that is being recorded year after year in this Venetian province.

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