Pallet recycling to create a vertical garden

THEpalletthey are simple platforms with standard measures, approximately 80 x 120 cm. They are also known by the name ofpalletsand can lend themselves well to the preparation of avertical garden. There are those who say "the earth is low "… Well, thevertical gardenbreaks this saying!

Who intendsbuild a vertical garden with pallets, can do it without having to incur any expenses: it will not be difficult to find a freepalletat a construction site, factory or transport company. To support thepalletyou will need some PET bottles or jars.

Thepalletit is made with raw wood, for this it will be necessary to scratch it with a sander or finish it with a few passes of sandpaper. Furthermore, if the vertical gardenthat you intend to build must be placed outside, to extend the life of your efforts, it is better to paint thepallet with waterproof paints to make it more resistant to atmospheric agents.

Having to grow in small spaces is very difficult but, thanks to the spread ofvertical gardens, this work becomes more and more feasible. Therecyclingmaterials, together with the passion for the vegetable garden, can give life to splendidvertical gardens. It is up to each of us to create our favorite shapes using creativity and experience.

Forbuild a vertical gardenfind these tools:

  • Scissors
  • 6 plastic bottles of 1.5 liters
  • 1 pallet
  • 6 zip ties
  • non-toxic paint
  • topsoil
  • drill and pins or hooks

After having sanded and waterproofed your pallet as described above, cut the bottoms of the bottles. Place the bottles on top of each other and secure them with the clamps by passing them through the pallet boards. Those who prefer can cut the bottles sideways and arrange them as shown in the photo above.

To fix the palleton the wall you will need a drill and pins. There are those to fix thevertical gardenuses hooks like those used by electricians but as stated, it is the creativity of each of us that transforms the good practices ofrecyclingin design.

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