How to grow pumpkin

How to grow pumpkin

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Grow the pumpkin it does not require special care. Therepumpkinit's a plant undemanding that adapts to any climate except those too rigid. The pumpkins plantsthey are very resistant to disease, provided they are given plenty of room to grow.

It is an annual plant in temperate zones, perennial in tropical ones. In the United States, the pumpkin it is very popular thanks to the Halloween party: on October 31 of each year, houses and streets are invaded by carved pumpkins. The Halloween pumpkin gives life to masks animated by the light of a candle or a LED placed inside. Holidays and symbolism aside, let's see in detail how to grow pumpkin to see it grow luxuriantly in the home garden.

Ornamental pumpkins and edible gourds

It is possible to choose to cultivateornamental gourds(that meansinedible pumpkins, grown only to beautify the garden or to make sculptures for Halloween) orpumpkinsto bring to the table.

The varieties are many. Among the varieties ofedible pumpkinsthe less common but much loved are:

  • the spaghetti squash orpumpkin spaghetti
  • The sweet Hokkaido Pumpkin
  • Violin (for its shape) or butternut squash (nut butter, for the flavor and texture of its pulp)
  • The mini Kawaii Lady reaches a maximum weight of 450 kg
  • The turban squash is grown both for eating and for ornamental purposes
  • Muscat pumpkin
  • The Padana Tonda pumpkin

Not all pumpkins are edible. There are edible ornamental gourds and other gourds to be grown for ornamental purposes only becausenot only are they NOT edible but they are also toxic!Not everyone knows this but every year, there are hundreds and hundreds of cases of pumpkin poisoning. The varieties that we report areedible:

  • Small pumpkin
  • The aforementioned Turkish Turban Squash
  • The variety known as cobra gourd or swan gourd
  • Pumpkin crown
  • Bottiglione or bottle gourd

Where to buy the varieties of pumpkins listed above? In the most well-stocked agricultural consortia or by taking advantage of online sales. TO "this Amazon page "you can find manypumpkin seedsboth ornamental and for eating. Find the variety ofpumpkin spaghetti, giant pumpkins and all the pictures of the listed varieties.

Pumpkin: sowing

In this paragraph we will seehow to grow pumpkinfromseed. Sowing period and management of the seedbed.

Theresowingit can take place in the open field or in pots. Based on this choice, the sowing period changes.When to sow pumpkin?

  • The sowing period falls between the end of March and the beginning of April for sowing in the open field.
  • Sowing can be anticipated to February if sown in pots and then transplanted into the garden at the end of March.

How to sow pumpkin? It is enough to dig a shallow hole. The hole must be about 2 cm. In each small hole, as a precaution, we recommend putting 3-5 pumpkin seeds. THE pumpkin seeds they do not always have a high germination capability, so it is better to add a few more.

How to grow pumpkin

After germination, the pumpkin plant will begin to develop.

  • As soon as the plant has released 3-4 leaves, it will be possible to proceed with the final planting, if the sowing had been performed in pots.
  • Thepumpkin plantsthey must be arranged in a single row, spacing one plant from the other by at least 150 - 200 cm.
  • The best way to prevent illnessesit is precisely to be generous in space. The plants will expand a lot, have a crawling and prostrate pattern on the ground. To avoid mold and fungal diseases, each plant must have a lot of space available.
  • In case of drought, it will be necessary to provide abundant irrigation. Irrigation must be regular especially when the flowers appear and during fruit growth.

Among the others careto be dedicated tocultivation of pumpkins figure fertilizing.

The fertilization of the soil must be done with compost, well-mature manure (therefore with a high content of potassium and phosphorus). When to fertilize plants to getlarge pumpkinsand tasty? The fertilizer must be administered at least 2 times during flowering then every 2-3 weeks during fruit growth.

Growing the pumpkin: the harvest

There pumpkin it is harvested at the end of summer, when the fruits have reached the right color, possibly on a dry and sunny day.

How to tell when pumpkins are ready to harvest?
You will understand that harvest time has come, with dry leaves and the unmistakable sound of internal emptiness that the pumpkin will make if hit.

It is sufficient to cut a long portion of the stem with a knife. To prevent it from being affected by fungi and bacteria it is good to pass on the freshly cut part of the charcoal. As for the flowers, it's best to pick them early in the morning right after they open. The pumpkins as soon as they are harvested, they should be placed in the sun and air for a few days, and then placed in a cool, ventilated and dry place, in fruit crates with straw or dry leaves.

Grow pumpkin in pots

Since it is a plant that requires a lot of space, it is preferable to sow one per pot and then have it climb on a railing or on a support created ad hoc. If in the garden we can afford not to use guardians, in the case ofpumpkin cultivation in potsa guardian is essential.

In addition, you should be even more careful in choosing thevariety of pumpkin suitable for growing in pots.

Grow the pumpkin: extra care

Here are a fewcareadditional to be dedicated tocultivation of pumpkins in potsor in the garden.

  • During the summer months, in case of severe drought, mulch around the foot of the plant.
  • To avoid aphids, practice care preventives with nettle or fern macerate. The macerate should be administered only in conjunction with periods of drought.
  • Do not plant near potatoes and melons.
  • Avoid contact of the fruit with the ground, place them on jute, straw or other dry material.
  • For larger pumpkins, trim the plant regularly.

How to cook pumpkin?To find out it can be useful: recipes with pumpkin.

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