How to do laundry in an eco-conscious way

How to do laundry in an eco-conscious way

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Environmental sensitivity pushes more and more people to increasingly virtuous household behavior. Even the laundry it can be done respecting the environment, in fact a few gestures are enough to wash your clothes in an eco-conscious way. But let's see in detail a series of tricks for do the laundry respecting the environment.

How to do laundry, the detergent
When doing laundry, the most important thing is to make the right dosage for washing. Do not take into account the information on the label, there is no need to abound with detergent, indeed an excessive amount of detergent makes it difficult to dissolve and then remain soaked on the clothes. In fact, it should be noted that the latest generation washing machines consume about 45 liters of water per wash, compared to the 100-110 liters of the old washing machines: rinsing is less, one more reason to reduce the doses. In this regard, before doing the laundry, it is good to evaluate the type of load you do. Are they lightly soiled, heavily soiled or full of grease? In the first case, for example, a simple refresh with a small amount of detergent will suffice.

Another factor to consider on the detergent dosage is the hardness of the water in your area, that is, the amount of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water: the amount of detergent to be used also depends on it. If the water is hard, many molecules of the surfactant are engaged by the calcium and magnesium ions and therefore do not wash. Therefore more detergent is needed, a lot of it is wasted and all this implies more pollution. Furthermore, hard water ruins the pipes. To find out the quality of your water, just inquire through the company that supplies it or on the Assocasa website.

But which detergent to choose? The choice must always fall on organic ones! Of course, organic detergents are much more expensive but they are free of harmful and inert substances and can also be used in smaller quantities. Consequently, the expense compared to traditional ones is almost the same, if not lower. Without neglecting the fact that the pollutants found in traditional detergents not only pollute the environment but remain on the garments, creating significant inconvenience to our health.
Another important gesture is to avoid the use of balls and various objects for cleansing, their action can be replaced by the dosing ball or tennis balls.

How to do the laundry, the stains.
If our garments have different stains it is not always necessary to resort to long washes and more detergent, we can limit ourselves to pre-treating the stain.
Since it is a minimally invasive but effective method, it is not necessary to distinguish the nature of the garment, its color, or the fabric.
A few gestures are enough for the procedure:

  1. pour in a little washing-up liquid and leave for about a minute
  2. pour a few drops of hot water on the treated area and rub the dirty edges of the fabric together
  3. then put in the washing machine together with other clothing

ATTENTION: beware of manufacturers who claim that their products are ethical, they often turn out to be tricked by the various multinationals to increase sales by speculating on the inconvenience of others. Also be wary of products with the 100% biodegradable wording ". The method for ascertaining the biodegradability of a surfactant has a margin of error of 10%, making it impossible to confirm a biodegradability of 100%.

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