Animal Day 2013

There Animal Day 2013 (this is the eleventh edition) is scheduled for October 5-6. It is no coincidence that the event organized byEnpa - National Animal Protection Body takes place on the weekend immediately following the feast of St. Francis, who is the patron saint of all animals as well as Italy.

More than 50 percent of Italians own pets and ours is a country in which love and respect for animals they are ever deeper and more rooted. To found the Enpa in 1871 he was none other than Giuseppe Garibaldi and it is thus that, between St. Francis and the hero of the two worlds, animals are a sort of emblem of the unity of Italy and the Animal Day almost a national holiday.


There Animal Day is dedicated to 'all' animals, but they will necessarily be the animals companion to represent the entire universe of others, starting with cats and dogs that ENPA likes to call 'friends with tails'. Party for everyone, but a special thought to the most unfortunate 'brothers' who have not spent a happy summer or who are perhaps waiting in a cage for someone to take them with them.

There Animal Day it will therefore be an opportunity to do a good deed towards animals who have not yet been caressed by luck, and to learn to relate to all the 'friends' of the animal kingdom regardless of the number of legs.

ENPA volunteers will be available at the banquets during the Animal Day to illustrate the many behaviors with which, often unknowingly, we create suffering for our 'friends with a tail'; to advise owners of animals the best ways to look after them; to suggest, according to the needs of each one, the most suitable opportunities to help them.


How to celebrate the Day of the Anmali 2013? Maybe with a long walk with your dog, extra cuddles for your cat, an offer for a shelter, the adoption of a foundling, membership in an animal rights association, or even the willingness to volunteer for a few hours. or one of the other concrete actions suggested by the Enpa sections present in the Italian squares on 5 and 6 October.

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