How to grow artichokes

How to grow artichokes

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Unlike most vegetables, i artichokes they are perennial plants, so if we want to cultivate them we need to prepare a plot that will be occupied by the plants of artichokes for years (about 5/7 years). The plants of artichoke produce new shoots, the so-called carducci, which will need to be removed and planted elsewhere, to grow a new one artichoke: over time it will replace the previous one. There are varieties with autumn production and varieties with spring production. THE artichokes they love a warm climate with mild winters, so it is advisable grow artichokes in areas where winters are not particularly severe. Otherwise, the artichoke must be completely covered to protect it from the cold. But let's see in detail all the indications for grow artichokes.

How to grow artichokes, useful information

  • As usual for the vegetable garden, before proceeding with the cultivation of vegetables, the soil must be digged and free from weeds
  • Prefer medium-textured fresh soils enriched with non-clayey, limestone or sandy organic materials, in this regard it is preferable to work the soil by adding rich soil: a little sand to facilitate drainage and well-mature fertilizer or slow-release granular fertilizer, specific for garden plants to enrich the soil and improve the mixture
  • For planting, arrange the carducci in rows about 90 cm apart, with a space of at least 60 cm between the plants: over time the plants will become very large, reaching up to 80-100 cm in width. Be careful to place the carducci without burying them too much to avoid the onset of rot
  • Resume watering and fertilizing in autumn, when the plants will begin to sprout and produce leaves
  • When the plant begins to develop, remove the basal suckers, called carducci, leaving about three per plant, keeping the soil well weeded and fresh, watering if it gets too dry
  • The artichoke harvest takes place from January-February, the plant begins to produce the first floral buds, which are the edible part of the plant.

Forced cultivation of artichokes
In areas with a favorable climate it is possible to practice cultivation of the artichoke in forcing, watering the rhizomes in vegetative rest already in summer, to favor an early development of the plant: the first collection of artichokes will take place in October or November, the spring harvest will then probably give very small flowers, suitable to be preserved frozen or under oil.
This type of forced cultivation generally decreases the life of the artichoke, as it forces the plant to two flowering seasons in one year.

Attention: to have a better production of artichokes it is advisable to periodically replace the old plants with the new carducci every 4 years.

Artichoke extract, where to buy it

If from your artichoke cultivation, you are unable to obtain the desired quantities, especially in particular periods of the year and if you want to supplement the supplies of fresh artichokes purchased from your trusted greengrocer or supermarket, you can buy online theartichoke extract in tablets.

The ideal would obviously be to always eat fresh products but the extracts in tablets are a valid support of cynarin, the substance contained in the artichoke with multiple beneficial properties, even in periods when you cannot cook or you cannot find fresh products, for example when you go on vacation, in places where you are led to take advantage of predefined menus or when hygienic conditions are advised against the intake of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I am thinking, for example, of when I go on vacation to Egypt, where the menu of hotels is always poor in fruit and vegetables. In these cases, having the tablets available is definitely useful for not depleting the diet of very important substances.

The online prices are, among other things, quite low in proportion to the number of hires that can be secured:a vial of 60 capsules costs only 14 Euros.

To learn more about the nutritional and beneficial properties of this wonderful vegetable, I recommend reading the article "Artichoke, beneficial properties"

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