Place of honor for the Israeli Pavilion

With Expo 2015 we will try to solve various problems, with Israel we will try to find solutions to the water crisis and hunger in the world. Thepavilion of Israelwill support the Italian one in the panorama of the Universal Exposition to be held in Milan next 2015.

There are those who sing victory and those who are disappointed in the agreements between Milan and Israel, yet it is decided, it will be thepavilion of Israelto support the Italian one from May 1st to October 31st 2015.Israelwas awarded a place of honor with apavilionof 2,400 square meters, it is the only onepavilionbordering on the Italian one.

Inpavilion of Israelall the cutting-edge techniques with which the country will want to contribute in the fight against desertification will be on display.agriculture,world hunger and water crisis. There are those who say that Israeldeserves this place of honor, after all he is the creator of the Kinneret-Negev aqueduct, a 130 km long system that carries water from the Sea of ​​Galilee, located in the north of the country, to the arid areas of the south.

“In our Exhibition - he stressed Roberto Formigoni, General Commissioner of Expo Milano 2015 - Israel's presence in Expo is very important and its convinced investment is already a guarantee of success for us. In fact, this country has reached absolute avant-garde levels in these sectors: just think of the techniques for producing food under extreme conditions and the best practices developed. We are therefore very satisfied with the signing of the Israeli contract, an act which also strengthens the consolidated friendship and relations between our countries at all levels ”.

Expo 2015it will be a major political event and among the pacifists there are those who wrinkle their noses thinking about the place of honor granted toIsrael: the military action carried out by the aviation is recentIsraeliagainst Lebanon and for years now in the Israeli territory there has been a rigid political and religious climate that discourages, among other things, the incoming tourist.

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