Natural mothproof, do-it-yourself remedies

Have you ever taken a wool or cotton garment full of small holes out of the wardrobe? All the fault of the moths, tiny volatile insects invisible to our eyes ......... whose presence, however, is given to us by our clothes with holes in them or damaged! To eradicate the moths, There are various chemical products on the market which, however, can be harmful to our health, especially if there are children at home. Better to resort to natural remedies, in this regard we will show you some natural mothproof using completely harmless household products such as orange and lemon peels, but above all cloves that you can buy in health food stores or shops that sell organic products. They are considered a real natural mothproof, as they give off an aroma unwelcome to moths.

Natural mothproof, some recipes

  • First remedy. Take a whole orange, wash it and dry it well. Stuck many cloves all around in the peel and place it inside the wardrobe where there are wool and cotton items: over time the citrus will tend to dry out, but not its effectiveness as a moth.
  • Second remedy. Create some pout-pourri by cutting the orange peel into small pieces, then leave to dry in the oven for 15 minutes at a low temperature. After drying them, place them in small cotton and / or linen bags together with a few cloves: if you like the lemon aroma more, you can replace it with orange, the result does not change.
  • Third remedy. Put a few drops of lavender essential oil in a cotton swab and place in the cupboard. Dried lavender is also effective against moths. Just put some in a cotton bag, together with the cloves.

With these simple but effective remedies you can keep them away moths from the closets. So don't rely on mothproof chemicals that can also be very dangerous for the environment.

And speaking of cloves ... you know that they can be used to remove the smell of mold from old cabinets?

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