IPhone cases for bicycles

IPhone cases for bicycles

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We have already seen several supports for carrying smartphones on bikes, today we continue to talk about accessories for bicycleand we do it by introducing you to someiPhone case. Let's start with LifeProof, oneiPhone case for bicycleresistant to dust, shocks, snow and rain. The LifeProof case is equipped with an attachment that anchors perfectly to the wheel of bicycles but also of street motorbikes and scooters. TherecustodyLifeProof is shown in the photo above and is marketed at a price of 39 euros.

A little more expensive is thecustodyStorm Cruiser, the price is around 50 euros. Here the attachment to the handlebar is given by a stand with two heavy screws. The stand is paired with a robust onecustodythat protects theiPhonefrom mud, rain and dust.

We still go up with the price and, for just under 60 euros, it is possible to take one homeiPhone casewith stand forbicyclewhich allows you to use the iPhone by bike in both horizontal and vertical position. It's called iCarri and manages to amplify the volume of the iPhone's built-in speakers by 10 decibels.

Scosche HandlelT costs around 20 euros and is onecustodyflexible that adapts to various smartphone models, including, of course, also iPhone. Always with the same budget, you can buy the Arkon Slim-Grip, a support forbicycleswith safety strap. The most exciting aspect of thiscustodyis that it manages to rotate the device 180 °.

Wahoo Bike Pack, more than onebicycle iPhone case, is a kit that transforms the Apple smartphone into a computer for cyclists. It clips on to any ANT sensor and provides all the data a cyclist could want. The cost is $ 129.99 and in the box, in addition to thecustodywaterproof and weatherproof, no shortage of sensors included!

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