Youth and agriculture: hopes and needs

Youth and agriculture: hopes and needs

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We said about the growth in turnover of agricultural-agri-food sector, of the new new jobs between fields and farms and the boom of under 35s who take up the job of the farmer. Well, nice, but now let's ask ourselves a question: why i Young people Italians are approachingagriculture after an entire generation has done everything to leave the rural world behind? And what are the real prospects of these new pioneers?

By patiently putting together the content of interviews, debates, forums, blogs, conferences, TV programs and anything else that comes to mind in recent times, it emerges that the first question corresponds to two answers: the approach of Young people all 'agriculture it arises both from a need for concreteness felt after years of economy based mainly on financial speculation, and from the difficulty in finding work in other sectors; hence the availability also for seasonal jobs that only foreigners did until a few years ago. The two reasons weigh the same: choice and necessity at par, fifty and fifty.

And as regards the prospects ofagriculture? Well, from this point of view optimism reigns and all the experienced experts agree that despite the difficulties posed by an oppressive bureaucracy (but who made it like this?) And the usual cumbersome Italian system (but who wanted it? ), i Young people in the future they will have great satisfaction from agricultural sector and at the same time also help Italy to recover a dignified rural landscape that was being lost; perhaps also because it has been attacked in all ways in recent decades. THE Young people they thank and really hope for us.

Speeches aside, the job prospects are concrete and do not concern only vegetables and animals: the agroenergy (biogas and its surroundings) in recent years have created over 13 thousand jobs (even problems and controversies to tell the truth but this is another chapter) and there still seems to be a lot of room for growth. This probably contributes to changing the attention of the Young people towards'agriculture, which is definitely no longer considered a second-tier sector. Let's add another data on biogas: today in Italy the sector consists of about 200 plants that produce about 900 megawatts of energy every year. Unfortunately, we lack the precise number of employees, but we are talking about a few thousand people.

An aspect that will be useful to consider, always in terms of perspectives and in order not to deceive Young people, is that we cannot talk about the growth of biogas (which finds its raw material in the fields) without addressing the problem of its coexistence withagriculture intended for power supply. We need rules on land use and energy plans that allow the development of agroenergy without subtracting space (ie land) from traditional use for the production of foodstuffs; for example by promoting the energy use of waste from agricultural processing compared to crops dedicated. In order not to soon be faced with contradictions as obvious as they are disastrous.

There are also interesting perspectives in thefarmhouse with its derivations: cycle tourism, horse-riding and thefood and wine farmhouse. Tourism development represents a great opportunity for agricultural world and for Italy in general, also because these are activities that implicitly involve the defense of the environment. Here too we are able to give a figure: thefood and wine farmhouse brings about 4.5 million tourists throughout Italy each year for an induced amount of about 5 billion euros. If they seem a lot to you, you should know that the Napa Valley alone in California attracts 6 million. Improvement would require better coordination, also in connection with traditional tourist resorts, and adequate policies.

These ideas arise from the round table on agriculture during the third meeting of the 2013 edition of 'Economy under the umbrella' held in Lignano Pineta on 17 August.

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