Do-it-yourself natural smells and perfumes for the home

Do-it-yourself natural smells and perfumes for the home

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The smells how colors affect the psychophysical well-being of people and it is logical that one home that smells good is more welcoming and welcome. However, the air in the rooms should be as fresh and light as possible (ventilating as much as possible) and if you like the presence of perfumes these should be natural and serve to make the air more pleasant, not to cover the smells bad.

There home in short it should be perfumed with natural flavors and not deodorized: if there is smell of mold (just to give an example) we need to intervene on the problem, not try to cover it with deodorants aggressive that worsen comfort. Also because disinfectants and deodorants so-called 'odor eater' is perfumes chemicals (for the environment for the cabinets or for the toilet) contain and constantly release harmful substances into the environment, including phenols and chlorine.

Established that i perfumes they cannot replace the operation of ventilating the rooms against stagnant air and that smells in the house they must be natural and delicate, you can buy or resort to do-it-yourself to have a natural scent for environments based on dried flowers scented such as lavender, rose, carnation and chamomile. The realization is very simple: the flowers are placed in a vase and a few drops of a complementary essential oil are added.

Essential oils, perfuming and balsamic aromas natural they can also be spread through special stoves (a few drops of essence and a burning candle underneath) censers and vaporizers, choosing according to taste: mandarin and lavender are calming, sandalwood is relaxing, lemon and pine are refreshing, jasmine favors concentration, geranium, lemongrass and still lemon are unwelcome to mosquitoes.

Something even easier and do it yourself for perfume the house? Place bouquets of flowers and pots of cultivated herbs here and there (some will keep mosquitoes away too) and from time to time boil water over low heat with the addition of some cloves and cinnamon.

Don't forget other possible uses of natural smells and fragrances: an open box of baking soda or a glass of vinegar in the refrigerator absorb odors; with a few drops of essential oil in the rinse tank you can perfume laundry; with bunches of lavender wrapped in handkerchiefs yes they smell drawers and cabinets and with natural mixtures you can replace harmful chemical moths and smell unpleasant like mothballs.

Good preparation natural scented do it yourself effective against moths and woodworms, it is prepared by steeping a piece of propolis in alcohol for a long time and adding essences of lavender and thyme. Passed with a brush in the drawers and on the internal doors of the wardrobe and pantry, this solution keeps away the wool and flour moths and fights woodworms.

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