Irrigation methods, between efficiency and savings

Irrigation methods, between efficiency and savings

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Drip irrigation, migroirrigation, porous pipes… how many are thereirrigation methodsand above all, what are they? Theirrigation methodolder is the classic groove. Today, thismethodis among the systems ofirrigationsmore popular. The furrows make the water flow between the crops, thismethodit is simple and cheap and if the groove is wisely managed, it can also be quite efficient. When it comes toirrigation methods, maximum efficiency is achieved with micro-irrigation and drip irrigation.

The classic groove has several critical points, here most of the water evaporates and to make theirrigation methodof the furrows, a skilful leveling of the fields is carried out and there is a tendency to reuse the water flow so as to use the same water for differentirrigation.

With the'drip irrigation the water reaches the crops through plastic pipes that have holes. The drip irrigation system looks a bit like our circulatory system where collaterals and arterioles are connected to the artery (main tube), and if necessary the various capillaries that carry a minimum amount of water directly to the base of the plant.

In the photo above, you can see an example of a irrigation by spraying, very common among large companies but with a large margin of water waste: much of the water that is sprayed into the sky does not reach the ground due to evaporation. This system can be used in regions where the air is already saturated with moisture but is very inefficient in the driest locations. A more delicate spray irrigation system is represented by the sprinkler system.

Othersirrigation methods:
- irrigation by submersion (flooding) where the soil is covered with a layer of water. Widespread in Holland and typical of rice fields.
- irrigation by sliding: given by the classic furrows or by more advanced systems
- irrigation by lateral infiltration
- irrigation by localized filtration under pressure (micro-irrigation through nozzles that distribute the water through special pipes). This system is commonly called "drip irrigation".
-hypogeal irrigation with localized distribution through underground pipes
- sprinkler irrigation (already mentioned above)

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