Do it yourself, cleaning gutters

Do it yourself, cleaning gutters

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The gutters they are able to guarantee the proper functioning of rainwater drainage. The installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of gutters they are fundamental services that must not be missing in the construction or renovation of buildings. There cleaning the gutters therefore it is part of the maintenance operations to be done periodically at home in order to keep them intact and efficient. Over time, deposits such as leaves, twigs, dirt form, which obstruct the passage of water, thus damaging both the gutter and its supports. In this regard we will illustrate you how to do cleaning gutters with DIY in a very simple way.

Cleaning gutters, the necessary
Cleaning the gutter does not require major difficulties and also allows you to save money by avoiding the intervention of the professional. You need:

  • A high ladder, preferably solid and equipped with safe anchors to the wall (holding hooks), to prevent a fall
  • A pair of gloves
  • A broom handle at the end of which you will attach a piece of hard cardboard with a similar shape inside the eaves: it is a rather rudimentary but efficient tool to reach a greater portion of the eaves that will allow you to form piles that can then be easily collected .
  • Another broomstick at the end of which you will wrap a cloth
  • Bucket

Gutter cleaning, the procedure

  1. With the help of the broom handle transformed ad hoc, make small piles, being careful not to let them fall down from the downspouts
  2. Then throw all the piles into a bucket
  3. Now, at the point where the downspout begins, insert the broom handle with a wrapped cloth into it to clean it thoroughly as if we were working with a huge cotton bud: if it is still clogged, you will need to remove the gutter and put the rag in the occluded points
  4. With a water hose, clean the downspout with water to remove any small remnants that cannot be removed with the broom handle
  5. Once finished, remove the two-elbow fitting and disconnect the downspout from the gutter
  6. Eliminate the last residues inside the fitting with the help of a fairly sturdy wire and further water jet
  7. Reassemble the end of the fitting, taking care to fasten it with the utmost attention to the gutter, and position the lower part of the fitting in the downspout
  8. Finally, climb to the top and pour a bucket of hot water to remove all residues.


  • always make sure not to swallow debris and dirt into the eaves to avoid the risk of clogging it, making the situation worse
  • perform this type of work in the presence of someone else
  • absolutely do not lean on the gutter, it would not support the weight.

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