Remedies for weeds

Remedies for weeds: Tips on how to get rid of weeds from gravel, sidewalk and garden. How to limit the growth of weeds.

In this guide we will see how to get rid of weedswith DIY remedies and techniques to keep weeds from growing. Remedies for weeds, from fire weeding (thermal weeding) to cheaper techniques for weeding.

Theweedsrepresent one of the greatest adversities for our crops. If you don't play "cunning", the only way we have toeliminate weedsit is their eradication. Fortunately, it is possible to implement some strategies to poseremedyto the problem ofweeds.

Sure, foreliminate weedsit is possible to use targeted herbicides, but why pollute the soil where our food grows? Not just chemicals, they existnatural remediesacts to limit orremoveentirely there weed growth, let's see some.

How to get rid of weeds from gravel, sidewalk or driveway

To avoid the growth ofweeds on the sidewalk, driveway or gravel, we refer you to the pagehow to get rid of weedswhere we have dedicated an entire section to the topic.

Remedies for weeds

Here are some techniques ofnatural weedingalso used in organic farming.

Fire weeding

This is a very popular method inbiological agriculture. Consists in disinfest the soil by means of a flame.

To carry out fire weeding, tools that integrate shoulder-mounted propane gas cylinders or LPG-based open flame tools have spread. This treatment must be done to the ground before sowing so as toto avoidentirely therebirth of weeds. The intense heat of the fire eliminates seeds and rhizomes.

Fire weeding is a relatively cheap technique (the purchase of a good flame gun can be covered with a budget of 40-150 euros). Among the products on the market with a good quality / price ratio we point out the Garden Torch - Thermal herbicide, very practical to use and versatile. The price is 86.43 euros with free shipping. One more suitable for small spaces (for example, for the weeding of the borders of small flower beds or for the weeding of weeds along a path) is the Campingaz proposed for about 38.40 euros.

For all available products, we refer you to the Amazon page: tools for pyrodisebo.

The heat dispenser is not aflamethrower!The flame delivered from the nozzle of the fire weeding tool is comparable to that of the domestic stove. The practice of fire weeding must be performed on unventilated days, otherwise the wind will push the flame upwards, making your business useless.


In summer they caneliminate weedsexploiting the natural thermal shock. After clearing the soil from the remains of the cultivation, a plastic sheet is spread over the surface to be "to deal". The edges of the plastic sheet must be buried. Leave the plastic sheet in place for at least 20-30 days. Within a month of sun exposure, the “disinfestation ofweeds”Will have reached a layer of at least 20 cm of soil!


This technique is excellent for protecting the soil, retaining moisture, saving water and counteracting the onset ofweeds. With the mulch you will have the opportunity to prevent weed growth.

Cultivation and green fertilization

Foreliminate weedsit would be enough not to leave uncultivated land! A solution forvegetable gardenconsists in growing aromatic herbs or other types of vegetables in all available spaces. This technique is calledassociation,term that literally means "simultaneous cultivation of two or more species on the same land". In this case, it is necessary to know how to choose wisely the varieties to "associate" to avoid damaging thevegetable garden.

Another very useful technique for preventing the growth of weeds is green manuring. For all the info: green manure, how it's done.

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