How to read the symbols on the labels

How to read the symbols on clothing labels: symbols for the correct washing of clothes. From the centrifuge symbol to those for the temperature. Bleaching, drum washing machine and all the details.

THEsymbolspresent onclothes labelsthey tell us a lot about how to treat a product and, paying attention to the appropriate onessymbolswe can also know the composition material of the fabric.

Symbols on the labels:know them to wash clothes well

Before washing or ironing a garment, it is good to read itslabel: an inadequate treatment could compromise the quality of the fabric.

Not just clothes, pay attention to curtains, linen and removable covers that risk being washed at home in inappropriate ways. To avoid doing any damage, just understand i symbols on labels that accompany them and that represent a real identity card of the fabric.

What is reported on the clothes labels

Every label presents different categories of symbols to indicate the type of washing, drying and ironing to be carried out on that specific garment. Sometimes there are abbreviations and symbols that indicate the type of fabric used.

It is important to read the symbolspresent on the label of the clothes so as to follow the instructions and not rely on awashmistaken. In addition to the symbols, the label must bear the name or brand of the manufacturer and the composition of the fabric with an indication of the fibers.

Clothes label, washing symbols

There are symbols that are intuitive and easy to interpret, others appear more complex. Here is the guide to understand their meaning:

  • The basin
    The washing symbols are represented by a basin with water.
  • The X
    The X on the symbol indicates that the garment cannot be washed in water, but must only be dry cleaned.
  • Hand wash symbol
    The hand symbol in the basin indicates that the garment should only be washed by hand and dried without wringing it.
  • Line
    The line under the bowl indicates washing in the washing machine with delicate programs with cold water and with a short spin cycle.
  • Temperature
    The presence of a number in the bowl indicates the maximum temperature of the washing machine, a line under the bowl also indicates that the short spin cycle must be used.
  • Dry cleaning symbol
    Dry cleaning consists of a circled symbol with a letter inside: the letter indicates the type of solvent that can be used, but it is information that only concerns the laundry.
  • Bleach symbol
    The triangle-shaped symbol indicates the possibility of being able to use bleach is a triangle but if there is a cross on the triangle, it cannot be bleached.
  • Drum washing machine symbol
    A circle placed in a square indicates the possibility of being able to use a wash in the drum washing machine. When this symbol is covered by an X, the drum washing machine cannot be used.

All information on symbols present on labels of the clothes are available in the guide article:how to read fabric labelswhere there is an accurate legend, with a list and indications symbol by symbol.

Clothes labels, ironing symbols

The symbol for ironing is indicated by an iron inside which there are one or more dots. These dots indicate the temperature at which iron can be used:

  • one dot is for low temperature (maximum 110 °)
  • Two dots for the average temperature (maximum 150 °).
  • Three dots for high temperature (maximum 200 °).

The cross on the symbol indicates that the garment cannot be ironed.

Symbols in clothing labels:the composition of the fibers

A circular from the Ministry of Industry also extended to the textile sector the obligation of labeling with specifications on the material and instructions for maintenance (washing, drying and ironing). The reference law is 126/91 and the relative implementation decree (Ministerial Decree 8.2.1997, Nr. 101). Unfortunately, the relevant law does not give any obligation to indicate, inlabel, about the textile dyes used. There is also a lack of information on treatments applied to fabrics.

Another flaw of the law: the detailed composition is not mandatory if the fiber used does not reach the percentage of 30%. The symbols to be identified on the label are:

  • AF - indicates the presence of other fibers besides the main one, including synthetic fibers.
  • EA - elastane.
  • PA - polyamide (nylon)
  • PC - acrylic
  • PL - polyester
  • PP - polypropylene
  • PU - polyurethane
  • AC - acetate
  • MD - modal
  • TA - triacetate
  • VI - viscose
  • CO - cotton
  • HL - linen blend
  • LI - linen
  • SE - silk
  • WO - wool
  • WS - cashmere
  • WV - pure virgin wool

The producers then introduced two new acronyms.Betterwhich indicates products not chemically treated eBest, acronym indicating a product obtained from natural fibers that have not been treated even at the time of cultivation.

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