Electric bicycle, the evolution of cycling

Thereelectric bicyclehas a long career behind him. As early as 1998, 40,000 were sold in Chinaelectric bicycles, a figure that rose to 10 million in 2005 to exceed 40 million last year. The first rudimentaryelectric bicyclescirculating in Japan as early as the mid-1980s and in 1989 Yamaha patentedPAS, theelectric bicycleequipped with an intelligent system capable of detecting the movements of the pedals and based on these start the electric motor.

Theelectric bicyclesthey do not completely replace the driving force of the cyclist, the work of theelectric motorconsists of assisting pedaling, facilitating and lightening the rider's load. Aelectric bicycle, to be defined as such it must not exceed the speed of 25 km / h. To regulate the dissemination of theelectric bicycleis Article 50.

Art. 50. Velocipedes.
1. 1. Velocipedes are vehicles with two or more wheels operating with exclusively muscular propulsion, by means of pedals or similar devices, operated by the persons on the vehicle; pedal assisted bicycles are also considered cycles, equipped with an electric auxiliary motor with a maximum continuous rated power of 0.25 kW whose power supply is progressively reduced and finally interrupted when the vehicle reaches 25 km / h or earlier if the cyclist stops ride.

If the two-wheeled vehicle exceeds the speed of 25 km / h, it will need insurance, road tax and a driving license. In Germany, the government has introduced a new category of vehicles to regulate the diffusion ofelectric bicyclesmore performing, the so-calledsuperbike.

An alternative to buying an electric bike is the electrification kit that transforms a classic bike into a pedal-assisted Pedalec. Both as regards the transformation kit, both as regards theelectric bicyclealready assembled, the vehicle engine must have a power not exceeding 250W (0.25 kW). The electric bicycle motor is direct current with a voltage ranging from 12 to 48 Volts, generally integrated at the level of the pedals, the wheel or other strategic positions that go well with the frame.

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