Natural remedies, dandelion or dandelion

Natural remedies, dandelion or dandelion

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Dog piss, bed pad, shower head, al dandelion many names have been given, largely related to the diuretic properties of this plant, but the most correct one is dandelion, golden yellow, with seeds that can be blown in the four winds. Whatever you like to call it, the dandelion it's great natural remedy for various ailments and also a great food to bring to the table.

The dandelion it is a cousin of chicory and margherita and as with chicory with roasted root you can make a decent coffee. In fact, it is the root that has the greatest properties and an ancient saying recommends eating the roots of dandelion alive so as not to have to do it from underground, that is, from dead.

The dandelion promotes digestion because it acts on the functioning of the stomach and stimulates the liver, pancreas and intestines. Furthermore the dandelion it is a tonic, purifying, laxative, stimulant, antiscorbutic and, as mentioned, an excellent diuretic. Applied for external use with one of the preparations with which herbs can be used in phytotherapy, for example a poultice, the dandelion it is also a good remedy for skin diseases.

To prepare excellent dandelion salads, the best time to harvest the plant is spring because in this season the leaves are more tender and have a particularly pleasant taste. The summer leaves of the dandelion, larger and leathery, phytotherapeutic preparations are more suitable. The root is excellent, and not only for making coffee, even if weeding it well involves a lot of effort because it can also be as big as a finger and penetrates deep into the earth.

Preparation of dandelion coffee. The roots of the dandelion they should preferably be harvested in autumn, carefully cleaned and toasted in the oven after having been cut and sliced. At this point they must be ground and prepared like coffee, either alone or mixed with normal coffee.

Preparation of dandelion wine. The roots, a couple, must be macerated in half a liter of white wine for three days. In addition to being pleasant to drink, this preparation is considered an excellent natural remedy for fever.

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