Balcony planter, here's how to choose it

The first step to setting up a vegetable garden in balcony or arrange a flowered balcony is to choose the planter best suited to our needs. For thevegetable garden on the balcony it is better to choose one planter in plastic with dimensions of 52 x 39 x 25 cm. It is true, plastic is not an eco-friendly material but the planters or more generally, plastic pots have a longer life cycle than terracotta ones.

The planters in plastic they are cheaper, break more difficult and send humidity levels compatible with the growth of plants.


The market offers a large number of models of balcony planters and, in our photo gallery, you can get an idea of ​​the most common models: each photo is accompanied by the name, manufacturer and price of the balcony planter. When it comes to balcony planters the price fluctuates a lot: it starts from 6-7 euros per planters small and simple, the price increases as the size increases, but the strongest impact is given by the design and signature accompanying the model.

When choosing one planter we must consider the load capacity of ours balcony, for this reason it is better to prefer light materials but without forgetting the content: the plantercomplete with plants and soil, what gross weight will it have?

To answer this question before purchasing, calculate that one balcony planter standard, with dimensions of 52 x 39 x 25 cm, must be filled with 100 liters of material including soil, compost and more.


A valid alternative to the classics balcony planters are the banister pots designed to adapt to any type of balcony. This is the case of Greenbo, a lively and compact banister vase, available in different colors from the more classic "counter or black" to more vibrant colors such as turquoise, green, orange, gray or red. Greenbo, with its size, can be considered a small oneplanter which includes a drainage system. The price is around 25 euros.

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