The fundamental principles of green building

What is the green building and on which ones principles verte?
We could talk at length about how the green building but to be more synthetic we will tell you that the green building it's based on principles of construction and design designed to significantly reduce (or completely eliminate) the environmental impact of buildings.

There green building is about five principles fundamental, these are:

  1. The sustainable planning of the project starting from the choice of the site
  2. Protection of water resources and efficient use of water through recovery systems
  3. Energy efficiency both in terms of intelligent electricity management and intended as self-production of energy
  4. Rational use of resources, conservation of materials and reuse
  5. Interior quality

It starts from the design phase which, with the green building, goes to consider the impact of the materials chosen for the construction not only on the environment but also on the local inhabitants. The site chosen for the construction plays a fundamental role in determining both the aesthetics of the building and the materials: with the green building the building must integrate into the environment in which it stands without disfiguring it.

There green building plans to maximize the use of every resource, from water to electricity, without forgetting the materials used. They range from setting up thermal insulating walls that lighten the work of HVAC systems, up to photovoltaic roofs and large windows that reduce the use of artificial lighting in favor of natural light. Accompanying the large windows are the skylights and the interior design with the placement of the mirrors.

A fitting example of a home that fully marries the principles of green building it is the "net zero house". These are self-sufficient homes that eliminate their energy needs from the city electricity grid. This is made possible by the use of high energy efficiency technology: photovoltaic panels, LED lighting, thermal insulation panels, geothermal heating system, cooling system with ventilation air recovery, use of skylights and ideal exposure to maximize the natural lighting, use of thermoregulation technology ...

To see a concrete example of the application of principles of green building, we refer you to the Equinox Passive House.

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